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Posted by SirisLi 2 months ago

Hey everyone,

Beyond the Veil Patch 12, packed with fixes and balance changes, will be released on Monday, August 14.

Because of that, both servers will go for extended maintenance at 10 UTC, which is expected to last roughly 1,5 hours. We’ll keep you noted if anything changes and it takes longer. During that maintenance, we'll also do some infrastructure work on our website. The Website will be offline for about 30 minutes during that timeframe.

So, please keep this extended downtime in mind when scheduling your in-game battles and activities.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding!

UPDATE 11:20 UTC: We will need a little more time until everything is up and running again. We now expect the servers to be back online and open by 12:00 UTC.

Posted by Talion 2 months ago (Source)

Maintenance will take slightly longer. We now expect to be back by 12:00 UTC.


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