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Posted by Eorafael 2 months ago

Hi, my name is Rafael, my account is from the beginning of Albion, I've been present since its launch, but I had to stay away for years due to studies and work. I returned to play 4 months ago, but after a trip for 3 days when I returned I was banned, without explanation, I opened 2 tickets to support, and I had no response, my game had a lot of lag and crash last week, and I reinstalled the game and something may have happened, but many friends had the same problem with lag and crashes. At the moment I can only play a few hours a week due to work and monitoring my mother's cancer treatment, the little time I have left I spend with friends in my guild, Grap3 Purtatory. I love the game and I have never done anything against the rules, please I need you to verify my account, I am available for whatever you need, I want to return to the world of Albion as soon as possible, thank you ||

Posted by Talion 2 months ago (Source)


For questions and issues regarding your account, please contact [email protected]


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