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Posted by Nesnes 2 months ago

Hey everyone!

Today, we mark another important step in the fight against bots and hacks in Albion Online - the integration of our new anti-cheat partner BattlEye into the game.

With this, we are hoping to combat the bots and hacks that negatively impact the gameplay experience and the economy.

However, as is the case with new anti-cheat programs, technical issues may arise after the initial launch. To combat this as quickly as possible, we need your help.

Please take the following steps if you experience technical issues following the release of BattlEye:

  1. Check the official BattlEye FAQ page to see if your issue can be resolved through their troubleshooting steps.
  2. If the issue cannot be resolved that way, please post it here, with as many details as you can give, in this form:
    • What is the issue (game doesn't launch, game crashed, etc.)
    • What is your operating system and version (for example Windows 10)
    • When did the issue start happening?
    • Screenshot of error message (if there is one)
    • Troubleshooting steps you've already gone through
    • Any other info you think might be relevant
    Please do NOT include any personal data in the post (like IP address, names, email addresses, etc.) - if we need more info from you we will contact you directly.

To make it as easy for our tech team as possible, please keep this thread to BattlEye-related technical issues only. Everything else will be removed.

Posted by Talion 2 months ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports. We're already in touch with NVidia to have it resolved.


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