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Fellow Adventurers,

We’re back with a new update on the stability of the Albion Online servers, as well as the topic of compensation.

The good news first: it seems as if the work our server host and we have done to mitigate attacks on our infrastructure has yielded results. There have still been a number of attacks since our last update, but those have barely impacted your ability to play. This is despite the attacker(s) constantly shifting attack patterns, methods, and targets.
While this does not mean that further attacks may not have some impact on our servers, we are at the moment cautiously optimistic.

That then brings us to the topic that we promised to address in our last update, as soon as we felt it was reasonable to do so: compensation for the server instabilities of the past weeks.
Sometime this week, probably starting Thursday, we will start to credit five (5) days of Premium to every character on Albion East and West created before July 18, 10:00 UTC and logged in at least once between June 18, 10:00 UTC and July 18, 10:00 UTC..
As this is a large number of characters, not every character will receive it at the same time. You do not have to do anything to receive these Premium days. In particular, there is no in-game command or anything that will accelerate delivery. It’s a “when it’s done, it’s done” kind of deal.
Important: Please refrain from spamming Chat with alleged commands to claim Premium (writing !claim or something similar does nothing but potentially gets you muted for a spam wave), and do not message Customer Support about this. It is a fully automated system and you do not have to do anything.

These past weeks have been a rocky road, and we are not entirely out of the woods yet - but now is the time for at least some cautious optimism.

Thank you for your continued cooperation, patience and support throughout the past weeks.

-Talion and the entire Albion Online Team

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