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Posted by Talion 3 months ago (Source)

Fellow Adventurers,

For this update, we are not coming to you with new numbers, but instead a general update and some context.

As you may have noticed, the number of bots found in the game is, at least for now, on a significantly lower level than it was in the majority of the past few weeks. That’s good. We’re seeing it too.
That means that a combination of our efforts has yielded tangible results. We have gotten a large number of bot accounts out of the game, and found ways to make it harder for them to get new accounts back up and running.
You are seeing the results, we are seeing the results - the person(s) running the bot farms are also seeing the results. And while you, adventurers, and us are very happy about the results, the people running their bot business are not. Very much so, apparently.

The server instabilities that we have suffered in the past 1 ½ days were results of large scale DDoS attacks against our server infrastructure. The timing strongly suggests a connection - since we have seen this pattern in the past after larger blows against 3rd party Silver sellers. That for us is the sign that we really hurt them, and that we are on the right track.

This also means that we will continue down this path, with strengthened vigor. We are also working closely with our server host to alleviate the effects of these DDoS attacks of a (for us) unprecedented scale and avoid outages. As we have been saying: It’s a marathon. Not a sprint. And currently, it seems we’re in the lead, as the other side is now using even more desperate measures. However, there is no way we will yield - and eventually, they’ll give up and go somewhere else.

We are, of course, also aware that the server issues have an impact on you, our players. We plan to have compensation for you - however, we will wait until we feel that the servers are entirely safe again to decide on the scale.

Thank you for your continued support!


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