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Posted by Talion 5 months ago (Source)

Hello Everyone,

With the Knightfall Release today, a bug snuck in, which made us disable access to the Avalonian Roads in the game temporarily (see here for more details).

At 18:30 UTC, we will take down both, Albion East and Albion West, to apply a softpatch to at least limit the severity of the issue. The Roads of Avalon will be opened again after the server comes back, but in turn, the Journey Back Ability will be disabled within the Roads of Avalon only. Unfortunately, there is no other way to make it work again in a short timeframe.

This patch is a Softpatch, meaning that you are not forced to download it to be able to play. However, if you don't, you will experience this bug again. We hope to have a more thorough and final fix ready within the next couple of days.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue!


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