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Hello everyone,

It’s been just over a week since we made an announcement on the speed-hacking situation and we wanted to keep you updated on our progress.

We’ve been working very hard to remedy the situation, and are happy to say that because of your efforts in reporting and being vigilant in sending videos, emails and other documentation, as well as the help of additional staff and technical measures, we have identified and banned approximately 6,500 accounts that have been speedhacking or botting in the game, or benefited directly from such behavior, just in the past week.

We feel that the situation has improved with new technical countermeasures and additional resources, and have seen a decrease in reports since their implementation.

The accounts that we’ve banned are only those in which we are certain of and have been cheating or been directly associated with cheaters. However, we do have our eye on quite a number of other accounts and will further scrutinize them.

We’ll keep investigating and removing cheaters, and ask that you also keep reporting and sending us information on those using unfair advantages.

We’ve again included instructions on how to report players below.

Thank you for staying vigilant in helping us keep Albion Online a cheater-free environment.


How to report players in-game (this also works in the Mist. You will see them as Mysterious Stranger, but we will have further information:

  1. Click on the player’s icon.
  2. Choose ‘Report’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Type the reason for reporting.

How to report players to support with video attachments:

  1. Write an email to [email protected]
  2. Attach the video to the email, or upload the video to a free hosting service like YouTube, and set it to ‘Unlisted, anyone with the video link can watch your video.’
  3. Send a link to your video in the support email, along with:
    1. Your character name
    2. Approximate time and date in UTC (Server Time)
    3. Which server you were on
    4. A link to your death on the Killboard (if you died) or the name of the person who attacked you

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