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Posted by Eltharyon 6 months ago (Source)

Hello Adventurers,

The launch of Albion East has gotten off to a great start, with Albion's concurrent players reaching record numbers. However, as many of you have noticed, there have been an increased number of players attempting to cheat on Albion East, especially so called “speed-hackers”. It’s frustrating, it’s problematic and overall, we know it’s a pain and affects gameplay. I want to assure all of you that we are very aware of the issue and your reports, posts, chats, and comments have not gone unnoticed.

This is a top priority for us, and we will continue to make this a top priority.

We want to be as transparent as possible as we do take this very seriously. Over the past week, we have banned over 2000 bots and more than 150 speed hackers. Furthermore, we have added additional staff to our team to help deal with the high influx of speed-hacker reports. We are constantly monitoring and improving our system to solve this problem and improve your player experience.

To help us, and the community, we ask that you report cheaters and hackers when you see them. Always report them through the in-game report feature, even when you cannot see their player details in the Mists. You won’t be able to see their details, but we will.

Additionally, if you have any video evidence, you can send it to our team via [email protected]. Please see below for instructions on how to report players in-game and via email.

We want to thank those that have submitted reports and those that have told others how to submit reports. Your efforts are helping us develop solutions to better combat this behavior.

Even though we cannot share any specific details, we are currently working on better technical solutions to deal with the issue and are planning to roll them out soon - although we are aware this will be an ongoing battle until we convince cheaters there is no place for them in Albion Online.

- Eltharyon

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