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Posted by Celeriac 2 months ago

No really, convinced me!

Your server is located in a country that is supposed to be better than any other SEA countries, so what's the issue here?

Going cheap on everything else including paying for a guy to monitor your server traffic? Did you forget to install a fail-over server?

It's not like you had to draw the cartoon and re-code the game from the ground up again. What am I paying the premium for?

At least the Chinese developers will pay compensation for any unplanned downtime. You need to do the same.

Posted by Talion 2 months ago (Source)


Your unhappiness with the server stability is totally understandable and warranted. We're in the same boat as you.
Compensation will happen beginning next week, see this thread: [26 March] [Resolved] Issue with Albion East [Update 12:44 UTC]


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