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Posted by PrintsKaspian 3 months ago

In honor of the launch of Albion East, we're offering huge savings on Starter Bundles, as well as a limited-time bundle featuring the Knight Adventurer for only $4.95! The Knight Adventurer Vanity Bundle includes regular and guild versions of four costume items, two unique vanity spells, and regular/guild Knight skins for any Armored Horse mount. This bundle normally costs $29.95 on its own, so make sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

Gold and Premium can be claimed on either server, and premiere Vanity Skins are unlocked on both servers.

You can find this offer in the in-game store on desktop / Steam / Android clients, or in the Albion Online web shop here:

Posted by Talion 3 months ago (Source)

SireFurtif wrote:

I don't remember, it is possible to buy more that one starter bundle for one account ?

You can buy more than one Starter Bundle as long as:
- They're of a different type
- You don't already own the vanity included in it.


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