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Posted by Talion 7 months ago (Source)

Hello everyone!

There are some changes coming to our Referral system which will come into effect from April 1, after the launch of Albion East.

We want to keep the system easy to use, but at the same time allow for our Adventurers flocking to Albion to also be able to acquire older referral skins on that server, while still providing interesting skins for those on Albion West.

Starting April 1, 2023 we’re making two big changes:
1.) We will run referral seasons every month.
2.) We will start running skins from previous seasons again.

With these two changes, players will be able to also get older skins. Important to note:
  • the order of skin re-run will not be the same as the original release order.
  • we will not re-run skins that we promised would be exclusive, i.e. anything released before April 2019, which is everything that was released before the “White Tiger”.
Additionally, to hopefully reduce confusion over timezones and to continue our attempts to streamline timers that are on weekly / monthly timers, the referral seasons will now always end at 0:00 UTC.

We hope you're looking forward, as we are, to seeing numerous skins making a reappearance, alongside the many new ones we'll be introducing!


P.S.: April 1 will already see one of the old skins brought back. Any guesses as to which one might come first?

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