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Posted by CGvGIsDead 7 months ago

  1. SBI KILLS CGVG :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
    SBI , You have banned more than 5 crystal players this season and because of this you cannot find the eighth team.If you compare old cGvG and new cGvG you can see a huge difference. Previously, there were many teams and very strong players, and you had to fight for a place in the tournament for real!
    During the existence of cGvG you have blocked more than 50 CGvG players. This is the main problem. Because of this, people lose interest in play Albion.
    You made the tournament non-lethal, this is absurd... Previously, only those people who could afford 8.3 items could play the tournament, and now any homeless person who has 10 million silver and because of this, interest in the tournament disappears.
    Why don't you let people play the tournament or even just play your game for people who slipped up? Maybe we need to come up with a new ban system? I can offer you my suggestion! For example, Valve's blocking system is adequate and understandable to everyone. If you used cheats on your account, you will be banned, but if you create another account and do nothing on it that violates the rules, you will not be blocked. As for me, this blocking system can suit your game.
    Give cGvG players a second chance and you won't have any problems with teams. It will become much more interesting to play!

Posted by Talion 7 months ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

We have a vetting process in place for players wanting to participate in the CLC. Anyone that is found to have been breaking our T&C on another account, particularly cheaters and people participating in RMT, will be banned. This is also well-known and part of the published rulebook for the CLC. It should not come as a surprise for anyone.

As for the claim:

FelipeCalzone wrote:

And talk to support about it and said he did not know and apologized and asked if he was allowed to continue playing the game. They said yes, just make a new account, dont use these third party websites and we will transfer your guild ownership to your new account. ->
Short and simple: no. We do not allow people to create accounts again, after they have been banned. Particularly not, if they have been banned for participating in RMT in any way. This is a stance that we have always had.

I do not see any way for this thread to take any sort of productive turn, hence I’m closing it.

Final remark: don’t cheat in the game. Do not participate in RMT. It doesn’t do anyone good.


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