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Posted by Yeo 7 months ago

Hi guys, have anyone of you faced payment failure problems? I'm from Malaysia btw.

I tried to purchase the founder pack since yesterday (19/02/23). I even called my bank, and they said international transactions are accessible for my cards. I even tried Paypal, but still failed payment. I've been trying to buy the pack more than 60 times, and the reason why I keep on trying is that when my cousin used my card to buy his founder pack, the purchase went through and he got his pack straightaway.

And I thought, maybe it's my card's problem, maybe it only allows one international transaction. So, I used 7 different credit cards from my family and friends, all ended up with payment failure. I've sent my ticket to the team, I'm writing this to see if anyone has the same problems or similar problems, maybe I can get a solution here.

Posted by Talion 7 months ago (Source)


I did a little bit of digging around in the reporting of our Payment Processor. I can definitely see payments from Malaysia coming through, so it's not a "omg everything's broken" situation. Makes me a bit relieved, doesn't help you, yet.

What you, without having looked into your case in particular and just gathering from your report, potentially have run into is possibly the automated fraud detection. That looks for certain characteristics on payment attempts and then determines whether they're legit or not. When you say you tested through a number of your friends' and relatives' cards, then that's a good indication that, at the latest, there the system said "yeah, nope, this is fishy, I'm not gonna let this through".

What was there at *first* preventing you from making a successful purchase is hard to say. Could be anything from a typo, through international payments being blocked, to system glitch. I'd encourage you to reach out to my colleagues in support at [email protected] and to ask them to look into your case specifically. Maybe they can give you more pointers. In the meantime, general guideline I can give: decide on one payment method, don't try to cycle through, and don't have too many repeated attempts in a short timeframe. Sorry I can't do much more here.


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