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Posted by keyfouyr 2 months ago

Dear Albion Community,

The developers of this game think they are smart. They've nerfed the loot in 2023 with the Beyond the Veil Patch 3 without including it in the patch notes!!

Beyond the Veil Patch #3 - Dev Update - Developers' Statements - Albion Online Forum

You are not getting any money from me.

Posted by Eltharyon 1 month ago (Source)

Hi there,

First off, we have to admit the video creator has a point and there’s been an oversight in the patch notes in two cases:
  • Guild creation costs were increased in the context of the asia server launch. The purpose of this change was to ensure that any shenanigans involving guild creation become a little harder- the new amount is still completely achievable for a few players within a short time and Guild creation costs are still irrelevant as an overall silver sink to the game. Unfortunately this change didn’t appear in the changelog as it was mixed in with changes that were exclusive to Albion East and was missed when writing the general changes.
  • Loot bags were included in the estimated market value of loot in the post “Beyond the veil” patches. The reason for this was that we were receiving very mixed feedback about loot value in the Mists and wanted to ensure players report loot values including silver bags reliably (and also notice silver bags as a reward among the loot). The loot in the Mists themselves as well as the Roads of Avalon was consistently buffed following the release of Beyond the Veil. This was a last minute change in a very hectic development period and was missed in the patch notes due to being added after the patch notes deadline.
When it comes to an alleged “loot nerf”, we simply cannot confirm this. We’ve checked our own commit logs of recent patches as well as our monitoring of average market value of dropped items and we see no evidence of such a nerf that could have slipped through. The last overall loot adjustments were made in October in Into the Fray Patch #6, since then global loot has remained unchanged. As far as we can tell, the”old data” presented in the video for comparison predates that patch.

That said, our key loot system, the black market, is susceptible to market fluctuations and changes in player behaviour, as all loot is generated from what players sell to the black market and demand on the black market is driven by player activity in PvE. Checking our logs, we’ve noticed a trend from players towards opening more and more high value chests, like legendaries. At the same time, according to these logs, these high value chests currently receive less share of the black market loot than they were a few months ago, while mob drops tend to overperform their expectation. The overall value of loot in the game remains constant though, so the amount of silver injected into the economy is the same.

This is an artefact of player behaviour- the more high value chests are opened, the less black market items remain available for other chests of such high value. It is unclear how this is affecting the presented data- but Hell gates tend to be on the higher end of the reward spectrum.

We’re currently exploring how we could improve the black market algorithm to keep high end loot chests more stable in value (and less dependent on the frequency of them being opened), but any changes we make wouldn’t affect the average value of loot across the game.

Best Regards,

Robin ‘Eltharyon’ Henkys, Game Director

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