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Posted by ImaChickIRL 4 months ago

In-game MODs and GMs were removed on WoW because it became a popularity contest.

here it's already in full swing.

i accidently made a commie streamer angry by letting him know i was perma'd in his chat despite never having typed in it. he got extremely angry with my delivery as i forgot his body is infused with soy and that is the case for most modern "men". he said "they are a community", i must be banned in another ablion streamers chat. im not, so i just had a laugh and moved on.

since the popularity contest is in full swing people like this can easily make friends with mods and thus i was stalked by them for any mistake and now im muted after my first week on the game, for a week.

i've played wow for 15 years and league for 10 speaking the exact the same way i do on this game and i've never been silenced, muted, suspended or banned. yet i didnt make a week on this game where people are dropping the n word every 10min? ive never said anything remotely as egregious.

im sure they wonder what incremental things are making it so their game has never and will never be as popular as the aforementioned games. this is one of them.

i likely wont be playing this game ever again, thought i just drop this here for yall to soy over.

Posted by Talion 4 months ago (Source)

Yeah, this is not going anywhere productive - even with the standards of the Rants forum. Thread locked.


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