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Posted by JudgeNutmeg 2 months ago

Today we're excited to finally announce that Albion Online will launch a dedicated server for the Asia-Pacific region in March 2023! This new server will make the world of Albion more accessible than ever for countless new and existing players.

We've created a brand-new trailer for this announcement, which you can watch here:

Read more about the new Albion East server here:

And for details on the Albion East Closed Beta, click here:

Posted by Talion 2 months ago (Source)

Trial_hard wrote:

Is trading gold / silver between the servers against the TOS?

To be precise - if i start there, can I make with people a deal that i give them here 1 Bil silver and get on the other server 100 mil silver which they buy in gold?

Your TOS just talks about trades outside of the game...

As this is both Albion, that's okay?
A trade like this would be against the TOS, yes.


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