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Posted by Eltharyon 5 months ago (Source)

Dear Albion Community,

Today we released Patch #3 for ‘Beyond the Veil’, which brings some pretty big changes to the Roads of Avalon and is a direct reaction to the feedback we’ve received from many of you, asking us to return high value solo PvE opportunities (i.e. green chests) to the Roads of Avalon.

Patch #3 returns those marked chest locations to the game and generally tries to return elements from the previous system (mobs in a camp spawning together with the chest) and combine them with the ideas introduced in ‘Beyond the Veil’, like chests upgrading over time.

We’ve also clearly separated content in the Roads with green camps and roaming mobs being aimed towards solo and small group players, blue camps aimed at medium groups and orange camps aimed at larger groups. Finally, we’ve made sure to rebalance challenge and rewards to make the content worthwhile for you.

We wanted to bring these changes to you as soon as possible, so Patch #3 was developed over the holiday period in a situation where many of our developers get some well deserved time off with their families after a long year of constant work on Albion Online. That means the Patch doesn’t address everything we’d want to address, and some of the Roads content is rougher around the edges than we’d like. Of course we will continue to polish this content and are looking forward to your feedback.

As we proceed into 2023, the team is currently working on the first major content patch for ‘Beyond the Veil’, which will add new gameplay opportunities and rewards to the Mists and answer the question who is the leader of Brecilien.
Additionally, our Roadmap for 2023 is starting to shape up and while we’re not quite ready to talk about the next updates yet, we do have a big announcement coming later this month. Stay tuned!

- Robin ‘Eltharyon’ Henkys

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