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Posted by Nazori 7 months ago

Ok so first I want to say. SOLID foundation. Everyone is complaining about pvp style and rats but honestly, no zergs and map objectives is a great start.

Here is what I feel are the core issues.

1 No Objectives to fight over. The mob zones to clear are a GREAT idea but actual 0 reason to do them. We need to be able to spend our rep, or get SOMETHING for clearing them other than fame. This will pull us together to fight dismounted on mobs and solve A LOT of the mounted rat issues.

2 INCREASE ARTIFACT MOBS. I found 1 at 30 minute mark in, and then 17 hours and 30 minutes of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. We found out how to get to high value zones experimenting and I feel the value is actually not terrible in some of these areas for sure, but there are NO artifact mobs in sight.

These 2 things for starters would absolutely make this activity WAY better.

Other suggestions:
Remove skulls on maps. (Or delay them)
Remove Nameplates. We cannot even inspect, why can we see names?
While were on the topic of inspecting, prevent whisper inspecting. That restriction simply doesn't work right now.

Posted by Korn 7 months ago (Source)

Hey @Nazori

thanks for your feedback. I also managed to watch a bit of your stream yesterday.

We agree that the mists have a solid foundation, however, the balance, frequency/distribution of rewards and objectives are currently not yet where they should be. This is being looked into right now, with adjustments being made fast.

Also, we share your concern about the skulls on the map and the zerg bubble. FFA stand-offs/ratting can of course never be fully prevented in an open world setting, however, we shouldn't artificially encourage them too much either.

With regards to uses for rep, this is something that is already being worked on and will be added. Unfortunately, we were not able to put it into the update in time without risking the release date getting pushed back by a lot. (we always need a buffer time prior to Christmas in case something in an update goes (badly) wrong, hence, we did not want to push this updates release into December)

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