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Posted by Retroman 11 months ago (Source)

We have been updating the new Fey Armor abilities a few times on the Staging Server.

This is the latest list of changes (not on Staging yet):
  • Wild Magic (Fey Cloth Armor)
    • Full Spell Rotations before the selection times out: 2 -> 4 -> 5
    • (i.e. the amount of times the spell selection cycles through all spells before going on cooldown)

    • Ring of Fire - Fear Duration: 0.5s -> 0.75s -> 1s
  • Etherial Form (Feyscale Sandals)
    • Damage Reduction per Stack: 15% -> 10%

    • Removed the CC Effect Duration Reduction on the caster
  • Immortal (Mistwalker Hood)
    • Energy Consumption per second: 3% -> 2%

    • Max Duration: 4s -> 5s
  • Mist Cloud (Mistwalker Jacket)
    • Max Duration: 7s -> 6s
  • After Image (Mistwalker Shoes)
    • Range: 9m -> 11m

Prior Changes on Staging: (in case you tested the abilities earlier and weren't aware it was updated)
  • Spider's Thread (Duskweaver Helmet)
    • Skillshot Range: 14m -> 15m

    • Increased the projectile width (1.5m -> 2m)

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