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Posted by Trial_hard 11 months ago

For 3 years we all agree that prestacking is an issue .

Besides some value on heroic that have nothing to do with prestacking you completely ignore the problem.

Community has provided 3-4 really good solution approaches on how to solve it in CD and not destroy sword in other content..

I just wonder why it is ignored?

Posted by Retroman 11 months ago (Source)

For pre-stacking we have a change in our pipeline that non hostile mobs won't give stacks anymore. (i.e. mobs that don't fight back like crystals, traps or the watcher)

However for this change we need a new feature, so player spells can react differently on non-hostile mobs. But to finish this update in time, we had to delay this code change and focus the majority of the team on the completion of the new features for this update. The pre-stacking adjustment will likely happen in a patch after the update hits live.

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