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Posted by Poob 7 months ago


Since yesterday, Albion has been jittering when I run around and it lags hard when I'm zvz. It also takes me around 5 seconds to zone to another map, but this used to be instantly or only 1 second. This has never happened to me until now. I have also tried playing other games like League of Legends, Maplestory, Lost Ark, New World, and my gameplay is all good in those games. Some people in my guild are also having the same exact problem, it's not just me.

Please see the streamable clips below for clarity of what I'm talking about. You can see that my ping is fine as well. IT'S ONLY LIKE THIS IN ALBION.

Posted by Korn 7 months ago (Source)

Hi all,

we have investigated this matter, it's a routing issue affecting Comcast, our server host company is trying to arrange a workaround.

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