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Hey everyone,

As recently announced, the price of Premium will soon be increasing, and the amount of Gold included in each Gold pack will be decreasing. These changes will come into effect on November 28 at 10:00 UTC, and are as follows:

Premium price changes:

Days PremiumOld Price Native Client/Website (USD)New Price Native Client/Website (USD)New Price per 30 days Premium (USD)Old Price Steam (USD)New Price Steam (USD)New Price per 30 days Premium (USD)Old Price App Store/Google Play Store (USD)New Price App Store/Google Play Store (USD)New Price per 30 days Premium (USD)

Premium for Gold changes:

Days Premium3090180360
Old Price in Gold3,0007,35013,75024,500
New Price in Gold3,75010,50019,50036,000

Gold pack changes:

PlatformGold Pack (Old)Gold Pack (New)Gold Pack (Old)Gold Pack (New)Gold Pack (Old)Gold Pack (New)Gold Pack (Old)Gold Pack (New)Gold Pack (Old)Gold Pack (New)
Native Client/Website8008001,9001,7004,0003,50010,5009,00022,00019,000
App Store6006001,6001,2753,4002,6259,0006,75019,00014,250
Google Play Store7506001,7501,2753,7502,62510,0006,75021,00014,250

Furthermore, as the base price of Premium is increasing, the cost of our Starter Bundles will increase accordingly.

You still have time to lock in the old prices via the Albion Online Web Shop or native client before November 28. As we keep a higher percentage of sales through those platforms, we are able to pass those savings on to players, so you will always find the best prices there. To find out how to change your subscription to a native subscription, see this guide:

- Eltharyon

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