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Posted by JudgeNutmeg 2 months ago

Albion’s next major content update is just around the corner, and we can announce it will be called Beyond the Veil. Today, in the first of several in-depth looks at some of the new features and changes coming with this update, Game Director Robin Henkys introduces some significant improvements to the Roads of Avalon.

NOTE: This video includes subtitles in all our supported languages.

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Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 2 months ago (Source)

totalwar235 wrote:

Hi, we are located in the roads of Avalon and I have a related questions

with this change to maps will hideouts already placed be allowed to relocate within their zone?
will road portals still spawn with a preference to a single portal and fill in a certain order for an Avalon rest? (ours is north east, to north west to south west in that order)
will existing Avalon rests have their tier changed?
  • there will be no relocation for existing hideouts in the Roads
  • most of the roads will only have medium size portals (which have been reduced to have 6 charges at most)
    • the exception will be the special raid zones that can be found between hideout zones
    • the preference for one of the portal slots being the main connection has not changed
  • there will be no change to tiers of any of the existing zones

Schmellow wrote:

So, as you reorient roads towards more group play, are you planning to do anything with "solo" objectives such as static solo dungeons and green chests? Will those be gone completely? It would be a logical step to rework objectives completely, but the devlog is unclear on that point
  • solo (green) and raid (golden) objectives have converted to group (blue) objective of a similar value
    • by the same logic all objectives in the raid zones have been changed to raid objectives

PS: the raid zones aren't new zones but have been converted from existing zones that already consisted of mainly raid objectives

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