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Posted by JudgeNutmeg 11 months ago

After several days searching the open world, and the loss of some of Albion's finest scouts, we have finally tracked down the missing Conquerors' Hall statues... and they're alive!

We need your help fighting them, so today marks the beginning of a unique, two-week event: Living Legacy. To mark the occasion, we've created this new video:

Go out there, fight the statues, and celebrate Albion's fifth anniversary with some themed vanity items, birthday cake, and city decorations!

Read more here:

Full event patchnotes here:

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 11 months ago (Source)

Inusaa wrote:

Are rewards and skins bound on account or characters ?
The unlock items you receive via mail (Avatar & Ring) are bound to character but every character receives the mail.

The unlock items dropped from statues are all tradable. Once used they are unlocked for your whole account.

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