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Into the Fray Patch 2
Crystal League Changes

Time slots for Crystal League battles have been updated:
  • 5v5:
    • All non-lethal 5v5 matches have been moved one hour later, and now run at the same time as lethal 5v5 matches
  • 20v20:
    • Level 1 and 2 matches take place daily at 1:00, 1:30, 19:00 and 19:30 UTC
    • Level 3 matches take place at 19:00 and 19:30 UTC on Tuesdays and Fridays, and at 1:00 and 1:30 UTC on Wednesdays and Saturdays
Changes have been made to 5v5 tokens:
  • Level 2 and 3 tokens:
    • Lethal and non-Lethal tokens can be bought from the Energy Manipulator again
    • Level 2 and 3 tokens are no longer season-bound, so old tokens can be used again
    • Season-bound level 2 and 3 tokens are now unusable, but can be salvaged for their Silver purchase price
  • Level 4 and 5 tokens (Lethal and non-Lethal) are tradable again
Other Changes and Improvements
  • Daily Production Bonuses (from Dynamic Events) are now included in the Local Production Bonuses UI on the zone map
  • The "Gathering Bonus: Fishing" Daily Event now gives +25% Fishing Fame as well as yield
  • Laborer Journals can now be purchased in bulk
  • To avoid oversaturation of the market, the drop rate of Gathering Tomes has been reduced by 20%
  • Added small icon to indicate "Hide Party UI" is active
  • Active gathering yields are now displayed in the Character Details UI
  • Crystal Arena rank icons now display a tooltip showing ranking points
  • Loot icons no longer display on minimaps in Arena, Crystal Arena, and Crystal League
  • Castle chests now include rarity effects on the world map
  • Castles in Mountains and Highlands have had the towers next to their southern exits lowered, in order that players on the towers can be better seen from below
  • Added Hide Resource Hotspots to the Royal Continent in Deadvein Gully, Flimmerair Steppe and Steelhide Meadow (Note: players in these zones when the patch is deployed will be moved to the nearest entrance)
  • [CONTROLLER] Skillshots now target the direction the player is facing by default
  • [TWITCH DROPS] Since players receiving the premium chest were a bit sad that they couldn't salvage their Victory Emote Charges for Community Tokens, they now receive these 5 charges in the salvageable, non-tradeable variety, plus one additional tradable charge
  • Audio improvements:
    • Improved sound ambience and notification sounds in Crystal Arena / Crystal League
    • Reduced sounds created by remote players in Cities, particularly chests and player/mount footsteps
Combat Balance Changes
The focus of these changes is to improve some of the reworked Magic Staff abilities which have been underperforming. Additionally, we want to improve the Corrupted Dungeon meta by making Mephits more effective at punishing enemies who kite for too long, while also toning down some of the more successful items in this content.
Cursed Staffs
  • Cursed Tar (all Cursed Staffs)
    • Hit Delay: 0.5s -> 0.35s
  • Grudge (all Cursed Staffs)
    • Damage after 0.0s: 10 -> 20
    • Damage after 0.5s: 20 -> 25
    • Damage after 1.0s: 40 -> 60
    • Damage after 1.5s: 70 -> 100
    • Damage after 2.0s: 120 -> 150
Nature Staffs
  • Thorns (all Nature Staffs)
    • Area Damage vs players: 20 -> 25
  • Rejuvenating Flower (all Nature Staffs)
    • Grow interval: 2.5s -> 2s
  • Brambleseed (all Nature Staffs)
    • Delay until bramble growth: 1s -> 0.7s
  • Revitalize (all Nature Staffs)
    • Energy cost at channel start: 0 -> 20
    • Energy cost per channel tick: 9 -> 4
  • Spirit Spear Charge (all Spears)
    • Normal attack Damage increase: 32% -> 28%
  • Mighty Blow (one-handed Sword)
    • 0 Charge Damage: 84 -> 80
    • 1 Charge Damage: 135 -> 128
    • 2 Charge Damage: 203 -> 192
    • 3 Charge Damage: 287 -> 271
  • Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade)
    • Base Damage: 172 -> 182
    • The projectile Damage is now affected by AoE escalation
War Gloves
  • Fleet Footwork (all War Gloves)
    • Using the Dash follow-up now costs 4 energy
  • Force Field (all Cloth Cowls)
    • Knockback distance: 14m -> 12m
  • Rejuvenating Sprint (all Plate Boots)
    • Heal per tick: 20 -> 18
  • Max Health increase factor: 0.3 -> 0.25
    • Healing reduction factor: 0.12 -> 0.08
Corrupted Dungeons
  • Corruption Debuff from Mephits
    • Movement Speed reduction per stack: 1% -> 1.5%
    • Debuff max stacks: 25 -> 35
  • Mephits will be non-targetable and not attackable (like the traps), to prevent interactions like Swords getting stacks from them
  • Mephits no longer spawn if a player is in close proximity (to ensure they don't spawn between 2 players in a chase)
  • UI fixes:
    • Fixed issue where the player role icon in the Party UI was not updated after role change
    • Fixed issue where Ability Cost Reduction displayed a positive rather than negative value in Character Details UI
    • Castles under attack now indicate this on their world map icons
    • Fixed issue where entering the capture zone of an Outpost belonging to your faction would display the message “Cannot claim”
    • Fixed issue where closed Roads of Avalon portals would not display tooltips
    • Fixed issue where ping appeared incorrectly on minimap when pressing Shift + P
    • Fixed issue where the first attacker in the Upcoming Battles UI displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed issue where after opening Guild or Character Stats UI by clicking with both left and right mouse buttons it could not be closed
    • Fixed issue where Loot GUI scrollbar would bounce when dragged
    • Fixed issue where chests’ rarity VFX could sometimes be inconsistent with their actual rarity and loot quality
    • Fixed issue where disabling recording mode could cause the Arena Match UI to display
  • Fixed issue where searching for a loadout created after a fight would suggest two of the same weapon if a two-handed weapon was used
  • Emote hotkeys can now be customized again
  • Fixed issue where the Rare Mount Breeder node stated that raising "Direwolf or better" was required - now correctly states "Giant Stag or better"
  • Corrected rounding issues with Mastery Level bonuses
  • When unlocking a new level on the Destiny Board, the onscreen message now correctly indicates the new level rather than the level just completed
  • Shift + Tab now moves cursor backwards between fields on login screen
  • Spell fixes:
    • Stun duration of Groundbreaker (Pole Hammers) now lasts the correct duration
    • Holy Explosion (Holy Staffs) buff is now limited to five players as intended
    • Fixed issue where projectiles from Tier 5 One-Handed Cursed Staffs did not display
    • Fixed issue where cape cooldowns were not applied when an immunity spell was active
    • Fixed issue where Arcane Protection erroneously made players immune to knockback
  • Fixed issue where some Morgana bosses were forgetting to bring their book chests with them
  • Fixed issue where Roads of Avalon portals would sometimes not work when close to expiry
  • Fixed issue where friendly Training Dummies would register as hostile when a player was PvP or faction-flagged
  • Fixed issue where Gathering Speed instead of Gathering Yield was used for equipment bonuses
  • Arena rewards now include non-tradable versions of old Arena rewards, which can be salvaged for Crystal Arena tokens Arena Sigils
  • Fixed missing enchantment VFX on some mobs when they are dead
  • [MOBILE, CONTROLLER] Fixed issue where, when using a controller on mobile, dropdown lists could display off-screen
  • Additional graphical, UI, terrain, audio, and localization fixes

Posted by Retroman 1 year ago (Source) wrote:

the dps UI popups for the training dummies are AMAZING

This is unfortunatelly not completely finished yet and will not launch with patch 2. Consider it a sneak preview for an upcoming change, which likely goes live in patch 3.


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