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Posted by WHIT3ROS3 1 year ago

I'm confused. I went onto the test server and was a little taken aback by how little SBI seems to be putting into Albion Online. Now this might be unfair and I don't want to bash Devs who have been working their socks off, but I really don't understand where the work is actually going. There are now 5 Portal "zones" in the Outlands and apart from updated Invis pools, every single asset is just a copy and paste of existing assets? In Unity, these zones would have taken me a couple of days to put together as an individual. How big is the actual Dev team and are they working on Albion Online exclusively or working on other projects?

The Staff update = a few new abilities, animations, and designs. They haven't been able to even upgrade the entire line in time for the drop.

The Crystal Arena is just a copy-paste of an existing system.

Castle Updates are looking good... but that's it?

5 Portal Zones.
4 Updated Magic Staffs
Castle Upgrades.
UI consolidation of activities with the addition of a few time-related buffs.

and that's it? This is the cumulation of 6 months' work? Am I being unfair? Unreasonable?

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

Reef wrote:

You forgot about skins. New skins dude that is the key.
Hi there,

skins production does not compete with game updates as it is done by different groups of people. (artists and not game designers)

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