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Posted by JudgeNutmeg 11 months ago

Our last Dev Talk introduced some of the new features and improvements coming to Albion Online in 2022. In this video, Game Director Robin Henkys announces the arrival of many of these features in our next content update: Into the Fray.

(NOTE: This video includes subtitles for all our supported languages.)

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Posted by Korn 11 months ago (Source)

hyllyh wrote:

this "recall button" will be a BZ killer.
so with this, i can farm all my soul, put it in a HO then OX it all and wait 10 sec to secure my goods in a city?

if i feel cornered at a moment in ZvZ, just found a spot and 10 sec later, safe?

Dove in a dungeon? just tp out then 10 sec and safe again?

the way back full of goods is one of the more exciting part of gathering/farming cause it let a chance to lose all and how many enjoyed to pass throught gankers to finally access the market?

as it proposed, it's a big mistake (and i understand they will polish the game for casual but no No NO!)
Hey there,

this is not how the teleport would work. The way we intend to implement this is drastically different from other games and comes with a large set of rules and restrictions.

Our goal is to stop zone camping and not to somehow nerf ganking in general. In fact, we hope to make the Outlands significantly more active and create a lot more PvP encounters then right now - however, these should be more organic and fair than what we currently have with static zone camps.

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