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Posted by hanul 1 year ago

I have a question about the land auction system.

Current Status.
The land was purchased outside the auction period.
Received defensive bids during the auction period.
Are my purchases non-refundable?
Won't you give me back half of my bid?
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original text
지난달 토지 판매가 가격이 저렴해서 구매를 했습니다.
그러고 시간이 지나서 경매 기간이 되어 유지를 위해 경매를 진행해서 낙찰 받았는데
낙찰가의 절반을 돌려 주는걸로 알고 있는데. 매매를 한금액도 이번의 낙찰받은 금액도 전혀 돌아오지 않고있습니다 어떤식으로 경매시스템이 돌아가는건가요?
제가 입찰한후 다른사람에게 넘어가야만 절반이 돌아오는건가요?

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

Hi Hanul,

I am not sure if I fully understand your question, but I'll try to give an answer.
  • If you buy the plot outside of the auction period (i.e. directly from the current owner) you become the owner of the land.
  • This means that in the following auction period, you get the "owner's advantage". This means that your bids count double. (meaning that if you bid 500 silver, it counts as 1000 silver, for example)
  • If you win the auction as the current owner, your bid will not be refunded. It is the price you paid to stay the owner
  • If you lose the auction as the current owner, somebody else will become owner. Your bid will be refunded to you.

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