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Posted by Chiattone 2 years ago

The situation is becoming very bad, with Lost ark, a big comunity is leaving albion for it. Why? because actually AO is still solo players unfriendly.

Thats why some solo queue ranked arenas is needed as some pve contents.

All my friends left the game because tired to wait for doing contents: crystal we have to find a right party, hgs we must find the right comps, hce I don't have the right equip or item level and so on...

This game is too group dependent, this scares new players and bores those who have little time and want to do a fast pve or pvp.

1 arena with no rewards isn't anough to attract people.

P.S. if you have to answer that the game does not need more instanced content, avoid writing because the open world and instanced are 2 different things, and if one prefers the second it is because he doesn't like the first and for this reason he should not be forced to do it. Actually Open World is a zerg fest.

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Chiattone wrote:

AO lose 30K players in 2 weeks.. from an average of 60K players now we are less than 30K ...
I assume the numbers are based on

That website uses fake numbers, their numbers are made up based on how active the Albion's subreddit is on Reddit. Quote from their website:

It's virtually impossible to work out accurate subscriber counts for MMOs today, and this site cannot do that. However, there does exist a need for people to be able to gauge the activity, growth, decline, and popularity of MMOs.
So, we do it based on reddit subscriber information. We track the current subscribers, active users and history of both. This helps you to choose an MMO that has the required "activity" you'd like to see, or perhaps you are just interested.

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