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Posted by DpsDan 2 years ago

Recently started playing and noticed that when i used my tier 6 solo dungeon map instead of the dungeon spawning in the Tier 6 zone it spawned in a tier 5.Also went into the ROA and saw that it was a Tier 6 road (located on the floor of the portal room, but when i went to do a solo green chest i clicked on the mob and it said it was a tier 8 and it was indeed. just a couple bugs i found while playing kinda game breaking please fix SBI thanks. :(

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 2 years ago (Source)

Thank you very much for reporting but none of the above are bugs but actually intended.

Randomized Dungeon Maps: portals from higher tier maps can now appear in lower tier zones since the update from Wednesday.
Roads of Avalon: the zone itself has a tier that determines what tier of mobs you can between those marked pockets. the pockets on the other hand have tier that is different from the one of the zone.

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