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Posted by Yiotoo 1 year ago

I saw in the steamchart that the online players on albion is falling.

So, the average players is really going down?
I mean, it could be only the steam players not the overall player base.

But and if the overall player base is falling, why?
Is it becouse the rise of NFTs? Other games? Not a big update in Albion come yet? Or the end of quarantine of Covid(It could be a general thing for all games)?

And how can Albion rise players?

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

Hey there,

Steamcharts only shows players who play on the Steam version of the game - and that is just a small share of Albion's player base

The drop you see there is largely due to other game releases and the fact that our last major content update was a while ago. The Land's Awakened Update will hopefully see Steam numbers picking up again :)

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