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Hello Albion-Community,

With the upcoming Season 14 we introduce a major overhaul of the guild season system, with our new Might & Favor feature in the Lands Awakened update. We wanted to shift the focus of our Season System: More emphasis on individual player activity and less passive income by holding large guild objectives. Here is a breakdown of all the changes in Season 14:

Conqueror’s Challenge & Season Rewards
With the next update Lands Awakened we are introducing the new Conqueror’s Challenge.

In this Challenge you can unlock the majority of Season Rewards by completing most activities in lethal areas of the game. This allows individual players to earn their Season Rewards without relying only on large guild activities. Additionally the progress in the Conqueror’s Challenge is kept on the player, independent from the current guild. So all rewards can be kept even when changing guilds mid-season.

However the individual player still benefits from a successful guild, because all earned Might and Favor is multiplied, depending on the guild’s current season bracket. Additionally there is a one-time Might reward paid out whenever your guild reaches a new bracket. (Each reward can only be received once per season, so it is not possible to cash this in multiple times by guild-hopping.)

Might Levels
To make sure the guild goals and player goals don’t oppose each other, we added the Might Levels. These levels reward a guild with Season Points when the members collect a certain amount of Might for a selection of activities. So when a member earns a lot of Might to progress his Conqueror’s Challenge, this member also generates Season Points for the guild by progressing the Might Levels. For the Season Point Balancing we split Might Levels into two categories:

Category One - Repeatable Activities
  • PvE (Outlands and Roads)
  • Gathering (Outlands and Roads)
  • 2v2 Hellgates
  • 5v5 Hellgates
  • 10v10 Hellgates
  • Corrupted Dungeons
These activities are (more or less) available in infinite capacity and are mostly limited by time put into the activities. The balancing for these Might Levels follows a similar structure to how the Guild Challenge works. Each level gets harder and harder to achieve, but they pay out the same amount of Season Points. This way the levels have a diminishing return, making the Might to Season Point ratio less effective, the further a guild progresses in a certain activity.

Category Two - Limited Open World Objectives
  • Siphoning Mages
  • Hideout Power Cores
  • Territory Energy Crystals
  • Outlands Treasures
  • Crystal Spiders
These activities are limited in availability in the Open World. There is only a certain amount of Might these activities can generate over the course of the season. These activities are balanced in a way that each level needs more Might to achieve. But they also pay out accordingly more Season Points. Their Might to Favor ratio stays consistent across all levels. This differentiation between these categories is made to make the top end not too reliant on consistent grinding. But instead offer a nice incentive for playing various objectives and also reward early and mid level guilds, but without deciding the season winner only by which guild put the most hours into the game.

Territories & Castles
We wanted this season to have a stronger focus on player activity and less on passive income. That is why we also rebalanced territories and to a lesser extent castles and castle outposts.

The base value of territories on level 1 has been reduced significantly, so that just holding a lot of territories without playing in the area will not generate a lot of season points and siphoned energy. But the impact of each territory level has been greatly increased and the output on max level is now 50% higher than what territories could generate in Season 13.

So to get real value out of a territory the guild needs to be active in the area and collect the new Territory Energy Crystals. Collecting these Crystals injects power into the territory, which in turn levels it up. However the territory eventually runs out of power, so the guild has to stay constantly active if they want to keep their territory leveled up. The higher the territory level is the faster the power decay. Playing Crystal League matches from the territory also generates power for the territory (5v5 & 20v20).
Territory LevelSeason 13 - Energy / Season Point FactorSeason 14 - Energy / Season Point Factor
Level 1--
Level 2+10%+35%
Level 3+20%+80%
Level 4+30%+150%
Level 5+40%+230%
Level 6+60%+350%
Level 7+80%+500%
Level 8+100%+650%

Additionally Level 1 Territories now already apply a 1% Zone Gathering Yield Bonus

Castles and Castle Outposts
Castles and Castle Outposts don't generate Siphoned Energy anymore. In the next Season the main source for Siphoned energy was shifted to the chests of the Conqueror's Challenge and the territories. The reason is that we want to promote player activities generating energy and have less importance on passive income. Additionally the Season Point generation of Castles and Castle Outposts has also been reduced to have less emphasis on holding objectives, but more on local activities. We know that with the reduced income for guilds, castle fight groups may downscale in size and gear, but overall think that it is more healthy for the game if we reward activities instead holding objectives, which can snowball into high passive income for the already winning guild. But with the loot chests and Season Points available we hope to still see frequent mid-scale to large scale fights over them.
Cluster QualityTerritory - Level 1
Base Energy / Season Points
Castles - Season Points every 6hCastles Outposts - Season Points every 3h
Quality Level 1100 → 40340 → 22550 → 30
Quality Level 2140 → 56295 → 19544 → 26
Quality Level 3180 → 72250 → 16538 → 22
Quality Level 4220 → 88205 → 13532 → 18
Quality Level 5260 → 104160 → 10526 → 14
Quality Level 6300 → 120115 → 7520 → 10

Crystal League
  • Crystal League matches now also give Might & Favor, increasing the personal rewards for players, with a stronger emphasis to boost 20v20 rewards
  • Increased Season Points of the early levels for 5v5 and 20v20, to make the Crystal League less top heavy and have more impact on lower levels
  • For the Crystal League, the Might to Favor ratio is 0.2635. So for example when 1000 Might is earned, you also get 263.5 Favor.
5v5 Crystal League Schedule

20v20 Crystal League Schedule

Other Changes

  • Defeating Siphoning Mages, Crystal Spiders, World Bosses and Static Dungeon mobs doesn't reward Season Points directly anymore. Instead they now only contribute Season Points indirectly through Might Levels.
  • The Might and Favor value of Siphoning mages will be multiplied by the Season score multiplier. So their might and favor will always be a factor of the season points they generate.
  • Guild Challenge doesn’t generate Siphoned Energy anymore.

Hideout HQ Qualification for the next Season
The Hideout HQ qualification thresholds stay the same as they were in this season:

Season Point ThresholdMax Zone Quality LevelMax Zone Tier

Additionally, only the top 600 guilds of the season can qualify for an HQ Hideout.

We hope you are excited about the upcoming changes for Season 14 and of course the new Lands Awakened update. And as always your feedback is welcome. :)


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