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Posted by Nesnes 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

With the Lands Awakened update, we are also introducing a new weapon line. In fact, the first new weapon line so far, and also not the last ;)

In this post, I will quickly show you what they look like and where to find them, but please go ahead and test them out yourself on the (staging) testserver.

We have set up free crafting stations in each royal and outlands city.

War Gloves can be considered as melee weapons even though they have some mid-ranged to ranged abilities.

They come with a whole new set of unique Q and W abilities on top of their own E abilities.

The War Gloves weapon line can be found in the Warrior Tree of the destiny board.

Black Hands replacement

Since the old Black Hands have been reworked into the new "Hellfire Hands" for the War Gloves weapon line, there is now a spot to be filled in the dagger line.

This is where the new "Demonfang" comes in together with a brand new E ability called"Blood Ritual". (WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!)

Posted by Retroman 2 years ago (Source)

Hey, thank you all for the feedback.

We are very busy finishing the current version and bugfixing, so that's why we have been a bit quiet on the forums.

Many of the reported bugs regarding war gloves should now be fixed
  • Dragging an enemy with Triple Kick now correctly counts as forced movement (so, it can't drag enemies out of invulnerabilty anymore)
  • Fixed an issue where Cross Step could go on cooldown, without dashing to the target
  • Triple Kick and Falcon Smash now don't work anymore when overloaded.
  • Arcane Staff can now use mimic against war gloves (currently gets counter, testing right now if we change it to triple kick)

NOT on Staging yet, but the next version also has some balance adjustments for the next weapons:

War Gloves:
  • Resilience Penetration: 60% -> 40%
  • Auto Attack Chain: the current hit is now "remembered" for 1.5s, (this mens the character will not reset the animation everytime you move for a short bit)
  • Dragon Leap
    • Added a short delay before the Uppercut can be activated
    • Damage: 105 -> 85
  • Shockwave
    • Damage: 135 -> 106
  • Counter
    • Added a 1s invulnerabilty (damage and CC) after taking damage during the channel.
  • Infernal Boulder
    • Damage per Hit: 180 -> 140
  • Earth Crusher
    • Damage after 0.5s: 146 -> 188
    • Damage after 1.0s: 185 -> 200
    • Damage after 1.5s: 225 -> 212
    • Damage after 2.0s: 265 -> 224
  • Purifying Combination (Fists of Avalon)
    • Purifying Fist (Combo Attack 3) Damage: 274 -> 215
  • Hard to Catch (Passive)
    • Resistance Increase Factor: 0.4 -> 0.2
  • Blood Ritual
    • Time to Recast: 1.5s -> 3s
    • Self Bleed Duration: 2s -> 3.5s
    • Spread the enemy damage into a DoT, which lasts for 2.5s (can't be stacked)

Thanks, for the feedback here and other paces like reddit and YouTube so far


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