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On November 24, 2021, the Lands Awakened update goes live. This update improves and expands nearly every aspect of Albion's open world: reworked open-world dungeons with limited-time events and exits in multiple zones, as well as open-world mobs that increase in power and value over time, offer substantial rewards to those who venture into unexplored zones. All five biomes have been overhauled with massively improved visuals and updated terrains and layouts, bringing new depth and vibrancy to exploration, travel, and gathering, and an expanded soundtrack with new city, Hideout, Tutorial, and Destiny Board themes, as well as numerous new combat cues, adds excitement and emotion to the world.

For more details about what this massive update will bring, see the Official Update Page:

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Reiswaffle wrote:

Rest in peace HCE, it was nice knowing you :,(
Hey there,

based on the feedback received we did a lot of additional number crunching and decided to soften the HCE balance adjustments to the following:
  • HCE fame reduction has been reduced to match the silver reduction (from -25% on Level 15+ to -10%), but HCE mob strength has been increased to compensate for the strength gained from Elite levels (+5% damage and hit points)
This will be published as part of the revised testserver patch notes.

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