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Posted by G0000000 2 years ago

*Before I post this, some of you (my HCE fellows) already logged onto test servers and tested this out, and probably are selling your HCE gear at the moment. I apologize that this post will probably make the selling harder.

[Update] Still waiting for an official response
In short summary,
  • HCE mobs have roughly +10% health buff
  • HCE bosses have roughly +50% health buff
  • Various damage buff (not confirmed)
  • HCE silver drops and fame are nerfed by flat 500 or 10% around lvl.14, and then 15% at lvl.18.

What these changes lead to is that even the best HCE players I know are leaving HCE. In that regard, a job well done.

What I am asking is that if you plan to actually implement these changes, please just include it in the patch notes with the actual details. There is no point hiding or covering it.

My thoughts on those changes:
  • I understand the motives but question the means. You will push some players into the outlands. Hopefully, you won't lose more players than that for the whole game.
  • The health buff and damage buff are demanding to the point where the best HCE team I know can't even one wave clear with the speed-run set-up. Tune it down a little bit if you intend to keep HCE at all, please.
  • With the silver nerf in HCE, it kills my motivation to play with random players, if not entirely. Here is what my trustworthy tank said: "If I died twice, I lose silver."
    • Dying twice is not uncommon at all. Even the best player can have a bad day, not to mention that you rely on your teammate to stay alive in HCE.
    • Also, Albion's server connection isn't the greatest I have seen. Just yesterday, I saw one of the top HCE players die to lightning twice because he got disconnected.
  • I felt the general message is that devs want to push people to the outlands. Not encourage, but push. Maybe the word "herd" is more accurate.
  • I thought a "Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG" means players get to "choose" how to play or what to play.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 2 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

busy week so my reply is a little late. I am very sorry that wasn't able to answer your concerns earlier.
The changes to hardcore expeditions will part of the next version of the patch notes.
I'll will post them here as well:

Hardcore Expeditions

In order to ensure Hardcore Expeditions are properly aligned with other features, a reduction to the overall rewards was necessary.

We also increased how much power the enemies in Expeditions gain per level to compensate for the newly introduced Elite Levels. There will be no changes to Level 1 Expeditions, but it will slightly increase each level until it reaches its peak at +5% more damage and hit points at level 15 and beyond.

Our view is that Hardcore Expeditions should be the most challenging and rewarding safe-zone content in Albion Online, but they should never be so rewarding as to draw in players who would otherwise be willing to brave the risks of the Open World.

The Fame / Silver rewards for each level of Hardcore expeditions have been adjusted as follows:

Fame Changes / Silver Changes

  • Hardcore Expeditions 1: 0% / 0%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 2: -1% / -1%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 3: -2% / -1%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 4: -2% / -3%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 5: -3% / -5%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 6: -4% / -8%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 7: -4% / -11%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 8: -5% / -6%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 9: -6% / -6%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 10: -6% / -7%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 11: -7% / -8%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 12: -8% / -9%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 13: -9% / -9%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 14: -9% / -10%
  • Hardcore Expeditions 15+: -10% / -10%

Since the testing servers went live we have been discussing the changes internally and adjusted them.
The mentioned changes changes to mob and boss health beyond what is written in the notes above have been unintentional and are going to be reverted.

Should you find anything off that is not mentioned please report that as a bug.

Best regards,

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