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Lands Awakened Update

Massive Biome Rework and Improvements
  • Greatly improved graphics for all five biomes, with increased variance between low, middle, and high-tier zones (sub-biomes) within each biome
  • Greatly improved layouts with unique landscape features for each zone
  • Reworked Resource Colors: when possible, resources are now colored to correspond to the color associated with their tier level (affects fiber and wood primarily)
  • Improved minimaps that are clearer to read
  • New overlays for the world map showing approximate resource availability and mob Silver value of the zone - note that as this feature requires aggregated data to function, it will not be active for the first few days after the update launches.
  • Existing Hideouts have been automatically re-placed in the newly updated zones. However, as layouts and placements may have changed, all Hideouts are eligible for a single move by the owning guild for a short time after the update goes live.
New and Reworked Open-World Gameplay Objectives
  • Mobs now automatically upgrade to more powerful versions over time, rewarding players and groups that seek out underexplored areas
  • Static dungeons have been reworked and feature new events:
    • Objectives and Mobs within a Static Dungeon upgrade over time, rewarding players who clear underexplored dungeons
    • New "Dungeon Rush" events added:
      • Randomly, at short notice and for a limited time, the mob spawn and upgrade rates of a particular dungeon will greatly increase
      • This is communicated to players in the same and nearby zones via the zone map, and appears overhead after entering the dungeon
    • Static Dungeons now have smaller side entrances from neighboring regions
      • Ensures players can’t camp one entrance
      • Allows players to escape when a more powerful group enters
      • Allows players to enter from multiple directions during a "Dungeon Rush" event
  • Static Dungeon Mobs have been improved and rebalanced, and now upgrade automatically like open-world mobs
  • Chests and Bosses in Static Dungeons now upgrade over time as well
  • Bosses are now marked on the minimap when in close proximity
  • The mob camps outside of Static Dungeons now feature veteran (group) mobs and are included in the time-limited Dungeon Events
  • Due to these changes, Fame Buffs when killing mobs in Static Dungeons or the camp surrounding a Static Dungeon Entrance no longer apply, and Random Dungeon entrances no longer appear within Static Dungeons
Treasure Rework

The treasure system has been reworked to make them more dynamic and unpredictable sites of interest in the open world:
  • Treasures now spawn randomly anywhere in the open world where PvP is possible, rather than at fixed locations
  • Treasures open at unpredictable intervals, with a limited warning time
  • Chests are only shown on the map to players in the same or nearby zones
  • The time-warning and extent of visibility of a chest is determined by its value
  • As part of this change, treasure chests have been removed from random mob camps in the open world
  • "Big Resource Nodes" have been replaced with Resource Treasures which also appear on the map
    • The occurrence of smaller resource nodes has accordingly been increased, and their locations and spawn rates have been increasingly randomized
War Gloves

War Gloves are an entirely new weapon line featuring three new base weapons, four artifact weapons, and fifteen new abilities, plus unique passives. They are melee-focused and offer damage, mobility, and control abilities along with limited ranged abilities. They can be crafted in the Warrior’s Forge and feature their own Combat and Crafting masteries on the Destiny Board.
  • Includes full Destiny Board trees, including specializations, masteries, and Elite Levels (see below)
  • Like other weapons, War Gloves now appear in assorted city crafting bonuses
  • Artifact War Gloves are crafted via new Artifacts that drop in the open world or can be made at the Artifact Foundry
  • Black Hands have been replaced with a new dagger, the Demonfang (see "Combat Balance Changes" section below for details)
Reworked Guild Seasons

Might and Favor / Conqueror's Challenge:

To shift the focus of Guild Seasons away from territorial control and more towards player activity, their reward systems have been reworked and the Conquerors’ Challenge introduced.
  • Conqueror's Challenge:
    • Runs for the entirety of a Guild Season
    • Open to all players, not only guild-affiliated players
The Conquerors’ Challenge introduces two new reward systems, Might and Favor:
  • Might:
    • Allows progress towards a personal seasonal challenge goal
    • Unlocks rewards such as seasonal battle mounts, fame boosts, and new seasonal collectible avatars
    • Can be earned by performing various activities which carry a risk of PvP, including:
      • PvE in the Outlands / Roads of Avalon
      • Opening treasure chests
      • Killing Siphoning Mages / Crystal Spiders
      • Playing Hellgates / Crystal League
      • Winning Corrupted Dungeons
      • Capturing Territory Energy Crystals (see below)
  • Favor:
    • Favor is also earned in most cases where Might is earned
    • This is a spendable currency which can be used to purchase Siphoned Energy and additional reward chests
Guild-affiliated players’ activities will additionally contribute to their guild’s Might Level:
  • Each Guild Might Level completed awards Season Points
  • In this way, all players in a guild can contribute towards Season Points, while earning Might and Favor for themselves
  • When a guild reaches a new season bracket, members are in turn rewarded with:
    • A significant amount of Might
    • An additional bonus to any Might earned during the rest of the season
Alongside these changes to Guild Seasons, the Season Overview has been updated to show:
  • A guild’s current rank
  • How Season Points have been earned
  • Which guild members have contributed the most Might
  • Which guild members have earned the most Season Points via the Crystal League
The Season Overview no longer shows season rewards, since these are now also individual.

Additional changes for Season 14:
  • Killing Siphoning Mages, Crystal Spiders, etc. no longer directly gives Season Points
  • Territory levels rebalanced - now based on Energy gained via Energy Crystals and Crystal League
  • Castles, Castle Outposts, and Guild Challenge no longer grant Siphoned Energy
  • Crystal League rewards rebalanced, Season Rewards now based on Conqueror's Challenge (see above)
Headquarters Hideouts:
  • Based on their performance in the previous season, guilds can declare one Hideout a Headquarters during a currently-running Guild Season:
  • Guilds must earn a minimum number of Season Points and rank among the top XX guilds of the season
  • Declaring a Headquarters in higher-quality zones in the Outlands requires increased Season Point totals in the previous season
  • HQ Hideouts are invulnerable during Construction Phase 3
  • Completed HQ Hideouts are invulnerable during the zone's combat time, as long as:
    • No Defense Points are missing, and
    • Sufficient Power is maintained via captured Power Cores (see next section)
  • HQ Hideouts are currently not able to be declared in the Roads of Avalon, but this will be assessed ongoingly as a future option
Power Cores and Energy Crystals:
  • Guilds can now boost their Hideouts by capturing Hideout Power Cores and their Territories by capturing Territory Energy Crystals
    • Capturing Territory Energy Crystals also provides Might (see above)
  • These spawn in the open world at Power Anomalies and Energy Vortices, respectively
  • After picking up a Core / Crystal, a player cannot mount up, and cannot enter certain zones (Roads of Avalon, cities, etc.) without dropping the item
  • The high value of these items, and the fact that they are dropped when a player is knocked down or killed, encourages capture-the-flag style gameplay in the Outlands
  • Hideout Power Levels: In addition to maintaining Headquarters status of a single HQ Hideout, Power Cores grant crafting bonuses and a Fame buff in the Hideout and surrounding zone
  • Territory Energy Levels: Territory levels can now also be boosted by capturing Energy Crystals, as well as via the already-existing system of winning Crystal League matches entered via the territory
Elite Levels

20 additional Elite Combat Specialization Levels have been added for each weapon:
  • They are unlocked by spending Fame Credits and Silver
  • Elite Medal icons appear on affected equipment items, and new frames appear on the Destiny Board
  • Medals are visible in Inventory, Duel Requests, Party Invites, Loadout Creation, and Inspection
  • Elite Levels give the same Item Power increases as normal levels
Usage Fee and Crafting Changes

Usage Fees (the "taxes" building owners charge users for crafting / refining) are now directly derived from the Nutrition an item consumes from the workstation:
  • The fee is set in the game UI to be calculated per 100 Nutrition consumed
  • New menu accessible from the price screen gives a detailed overview of all calculations that lead to the crafting price
Crafting Improvements / Fixes:
  • Increased item value of T2, T4.2 and T4.3 Raw Resources, leading to a clearer progression in the item value of Refined Resources for each Tier or Enchantment
  • Fixed an issue where the crafting price of items that are created in batches by default (like Meat or non-Fish foods) would only be equal to 1 item instead of the whole batch
  • Fixed an issue where Avalonian Offhand Artifacts were treated as level 3 Artifacts (should have been level 4); roughly doubling their Item Value
  • Made the Item Value progression of Artifacts more uniform
  • Fixed the way consumable values were calculated:
    • As with Nutrition, Focus is now derived from the Nutrition of the ingredients of a consumable item (formerly based on the item being created)
    • Nutrition consumed by the building was previously added to consumable items when Focus costs were calculated, meaning Focus costs were too high
    • Fish Sauce is now considered in Focus Cost Prices - was previously ignored in Focus calculation even though it could be returned by using Focus
  • Fixed an issue where Intermediate Ingredients (Meat, Flour, Butter, Bread and Alcohol) had the nutrition they consume added twice to their final Nutrition
  • Cape Crests are now treated as Level 1 (Rune) Artifacts and have an appropriate corresponding Item Value
  • Nutrition and Item Value stats are now shown in the same place for all relevant items over the estimated Market Value
  • Mount Focus costs updated and rebalanced
  • Fixed an issue where studying multiple stacks of the same item was more expensive than studying the same amount of items in one stack
Quality-of-Life / UI Improvements

Buyable Loadouts:
  • Loadouts can now be purchased via the Marketplace
  • A special tab allows players to purchase Loadouts, and gives data about relative cost and availability
Item Rerolling:
  • Players can now stack up to 999 items in the Reroll Menu (max 4 stacks), which may include different item types
  • Players can set their goal quality; all Items exceeding this quality will be put back into inventory
  • Players can now see the reroll probabilities for items they have added
  • Cost and Chance Rebalancing:
    • Chance of success and cost now both scale with the item's starting quality
    • Chance of success drastically increased
    • Rerolling costs increased accordingly
Party Improvements:
  • New /join command
  • /invite and /join can now be used to merge whole parties
  • New interface allows inspecting of gear / item power of potential party members
  • Improved party-related notifications
  • Added /snooze command to auto-ignore party invites, either ongoingly or for a chosen duration
  • Added option to use /invite /join or /kick without typing character names for already selected targets
  • Added cooldowns for /join and /invite requests to avoid abuse
Farming Usability Improvements:
  • Shift-Click to Harvest
  • Shift-Click to Nurture
  • Shift-Click to Pick up
  • Shift-Click to Feed
  • "Take all" option can now be toggled on or off
Gathering Changes
  • Increased Fame for Enchanted Resource gathering/crafting:
    • Fame of Enchantment level 2 Raw Resources: +33.33%
    • Fame of Enchantment level 3 Raw Resources: +100%
    • Increased Fame for enchanted T4 refined resources to account for absence of enchanted T3 resources:
      • T4.1: 37.5 → 45
      • T4.2: 52.5 → 90
      • T4.3: 67.5 → 180

Corrupted Dungeon Changes

As the Lands Awakened update is intended to return focus to the open world, outlying instanced content has had a reduction in overall rewards.
The bonus from Infamy to Corrupted Dungeon loot and Fame has been reworked. The cap to this bonus is now +50%, which brings the Infamy scaling more in line with that of Hellgates. The intent of this change is primarily to bring down the high value potential of the highest end, while still preserving the base rewards to keep entry-level values the same.

Expanded Soundtrack and Combat Audio

The game soundtrack has been significantly expanded and updated with full orchestral recordings. Music for the following features has been newly added or greatly expanded:
  • The Royal Cities and Caerleon, with each city soundtrack reflecting its character
  • Combat and Bosses, with music adjusting dynamically according to threat level and mob type
  • Hideouts, with music that changes as the level is upgraded
  • The Tutorial
  • Starter Towns (Mountain Cross, Steppe Cross, etc.)
  • The Destiny Board
Real Estate Plots Added to Rests

Real Estate Plots that allow players to build crafting and refining stations have been added to Rests (Outlands Towns). These can be purchased by players through the land auction system. Accordingly, these towns now have crafting and refining bonuses as follows:
  • Base refining bonus: 15%
  • Base crafting bonus: 18%
  • Specialization crafting bonus: 15%
  • Additional Weapon/Armor tree crafting bonuses:
    • Arthur's Rest: Warrior Weapon lines + Plate Armor (no offhands)
    • Merlyn's Rest: Hunter Weapon lines + Leather Armor (no offhands)
    • Morgana's Rest: Mage Weapon lines + Cloth Armor (no offhands)
  • Additionally, the starting Silver prices for Real Estate Plots have been increased to better reflect their actual values. These prices will apply starting with the new Outlands Rest plots, and will also be applied to any new plots added to other cities in the future (note: "class" refers to the plot's proximity to the town center; larger plot sizes will have an additional size multiplier applies):
    • Class A: 80,000,000 (formerly 200,000)
    • Class B: 60,000,000 (formerly 150,000)
    • Class C: 40,000,000 (formerly 100,000)
    • Class D: 30,000,000 (formerly 75,000)
    • Class E: 20,000,000 (formerly 50,000)
New Achievements

13 new Achievements have been added (for Steam as well as native / mobile clients) related to new features including Power Cores / Energy Crystals, War Gloves, Open-World Treasures, and more.

New Spell Icons
  • Divine Staff E - Divine Protection
  • Bedrock Mace E - Force of Nature
  • Morning Star E - Root Prison
  • Camlann Mace E - Vendetta
  • 1H Fire Staff E - Pyroblast
  • Fire Staff W - Fire Ball
Mobile Changes and Fixes
  • The in-game chat now has a maximized mode triggered upon entering text, which can be disabled in the chat options
  • Added an option to lock the virtual joystick in place instead of centering where first touched
  • Drop-down UI elements in the mobile version have been replaced with a more responsive selection element are now easier to use
  • Marketplace filter elements increased in size for better readability
  • Fast travel destination selection improved for use with mobile keyboards
Other Changes and Improvements
  • A new type of Artifact resource has been added to Conqueror's Challenge Chests (see above), which allows creation of any Artifact weapon/armor from the corresponding tier and type:
    • Crystallized Spirit (Runic Undead, Morgana, or Keeper)
    • Crystallized Dread (Demonic)
    • Crystallized Magic (Relic Undead, Morgana, or Keeper)
    • Crystallized Divinity (Avalonian)
  • Satchels of Insight now give more bonus Fame and require less Silver per Fame:
    • T4 Bonus Fame: 20.046% → 40.002% | Silver per Fame: 1.3 → 1.25
    • T5 Bonus Fame: 24.147% → 44.467% | Silver per Fame: 1.29 → 1.23
    • T6 Bonus Fame: 28.786% → 49.531% | Silver per Fame: 1.28 → 1.21
    • T7 Bonus Fame: 34.052% → 55.295% | Silver per Fame: 1.27 → 1.19
    • T8 Bonus Fame: 40.051% → 61.882% | Silver per Fame: 1.26 → 1.17
    • T8.3 Bonus Fame: 63.887 → 88.246% | Silver per Fame: 1.24 → 1.13
    • T8.3 Masterpiece Bonus Fame: 74.417% → 100% | Silver per Fame: 1.23 → 1.12
  • Hideout Changes:
    • Energy Manipulators now appear in Level 2 Hideouts
    • Visiting a Hideout set as Home gives a 1-hour Fame bonus
    • Hideout base refining bonus: 0.18 → 0.15
    • Removed specialisation refining bonus for Hideouts
    • Hideout base crafting bonus: 0.25 → 0.18
    • Rebalanced progression of specialization crafting bonus in Hideouts based on zone quality:
      • Quality 1: 0.18 → 0.15
      • Quality 2: 0.21 → 0.20
      • Quality 3: 0.24 → 0.25
      • Quality 4: 0.27 → 0.30
      • Quality 5: 0.30 → 0.35
      • Quality 6: 0.33 → 0.40
  • Dungeon Maps (Solo, Group, and Elite) may now open in zones with higher tiers than the map, as follows:
    • Maps opened in Royal Continent (excludes Elite):
      • T4 maps: T4 zones only
      • T5 maps: T5 zones only
      • T6 maps: T6 and T7 zones
      • T7 maps: T7 zones only
    • Maps opened in Outlands:
      • T5 maps: T5-8 zones
      • T6 maps: T6-8 zones
      • T7 maps: T7-8 zones
      • T8 maps: T8 zones only
  • Skipping overcrowded zones on the Royal continent no longer requires a minimum active time, meaning players can skip overcrowded zones immediately after the queue is activated
  • Journal changes:
    • Tripled the Fame required to fill Crafting Laborer Journals
    • Adjusted Fame requirement for T7 and T8 crafting journals so there is no excess Fame after filling at least the fourth journal (assuming crafting with base resources)
    • Adjusted the base returns of T7 and T8 crafting journals so the resources per Fame stay constant considering the change above

  • Treasure Fishing Spots in the Roads now use the loot configuration of the Outlands (formerly used configuration of the Royal continent)

  • Adjusted some weight and durability values for special mounts to bring them more in line with Riding Horses:
    • Weight:
      • Saddled Moabird: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Saddled Winter Bear: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Saddled Wild Boar: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Saddled Bighorn Ram: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Saddled Swamp Salamander: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Saddled Greywolf: 53.2 kg → 35.4 kg
      • Moose: 79.7 kg → 53.2 kg
      • Flame Basilisk: 119.6 kg → 79.7 kg
      • Venom Basilisk: 119.6 kg → 79.7 kg
      • Siege Ballista: 79.7 kg → 53.2 kg
    • Durability:
      • Direwolf: 40,500 → 60,750
  • Renamed Redleaf Cotton to "Amberleaf Cotton" to match a recoloring of the plant
  • Mounting and Dismounting now have their own tooltips
  • Flagging for a Faction now grants a small bonus to PvE Fame
  • Hellgate Layout Changes:
    • Northern stair choke points of central platform in "The Hill" are now the same width as the southern
    • Central bridge in "The Traverse" now has an additional loop
    • Final platform in "The Tribunal" now accessible from four sides with wider stairs
  • Forest Castles: the two small moats between the gates have been removed to make the layout more in line with castles in other biomes
Combat Balance Changes

The recent changes to bows allow better counter play for enemies. However, the buff duration was made slightly too short, making it easy to keep bow players in check and denying the burst damage from Enchanted Quiver. For this reason the buff duration has been extended.
  • Enchanted Quiver (Regular Bow)
    • Attack Buff Duration: 2.5s → 3.5s
With the introduction of War Gloves, Black Hands have also been reworked into a more fitting item for the Dagger line. Black Hands previously felt somewhat out of place in that weapon tree, so a new dagger has been added that is better suited to the assassin theme.
  • Black Hands have been replaced by a one-handed dagger: Demonfang
  • Devastating Strike (E-slot) has been removed
  • Demonfang has a new E-slot ability, Blood Ritual:
    • Infuse your blade with blood magic and swing it in front of you, dealing 150 magical damage to all enemies hit. Deals 60 physical damage over 2s to yourself (self-damage stacks up to 3 times). The ability can be recast again within 1.5s up to a maximum of 3 times. Each recast increases its cooldown by 5s.
    • Casts: 1 / 2 / 3
    • Cooldown: 10s / 15s / 20s
This update improves the general feel of auto-attacks for Quarterstaff. Attack animations have been overhauled to make them more dynamic with a faster average hit interval. Damage-per-second and the time for passives to activate remain unchanged. Additionally, the range of Auto Attacks and some targeted abilities have been increased to emphasize the range of the weapon. These changes are primarily intended to make the weapon more enjoyable to use. However, since Grailseeker is already very strong in a range of content types and will benefit from the range increase, the duration of its wall and root effects has been reduced.
  • Auto-attacks:
    • Auto-attack Range: 3m → 4m
    • Auto-attack Speed: every 1s → every 0.5s (on average)
    • Auto-attack damage per hit is halved.
    • New auto-attack animations and timings for blunt Quarterstaffs:
      • 3-Hit Combo with varied attack speed and damage:
        • Quarterstaffs
        • Ironclad Staff
        • Staff of Balance
        • Grailseeker
    • New Auto Attack Animations and timings for bladed Quarterstaffs:
      • Constant quick 2-Hit attacks:
        • Double-Bladed Staff
        • Black Monk Stave
        • Soulscythe

  • Concussive Blow (all Quarterstaffs)
    • Range: 3m → 4m
  • Empowered Slam (all Quarterstaffs)
    • Range: 3m → 4m
  • Soul Shaker (Grailseeker)
    • Wall Duration: 4s → 3.5s
    • Root Duration: 3.5s → 3s
  • Stunning Strikes (Passive, all Quarterstaffs)
    • Number of Auto Attacks needed: 5 → 10
  • Energetic (Passive, all Quarterstaffs)
    • Energy per hit: 1.24 → 0.62
  • Dreadladen Fighting (Passive, all Quarterstaffs)
    • Number of Auto Attacks needed: 4 → 8

Mercenary Jacket had synergized extremely well with DoT weapons but less so with other weapon lines. To change this, max healing now requires fewer hits. Max healing output will remain almost the same. However, DoTs now no longer trigger the healing effect, opening up the ability to work with more weapon combinations. Additionally, the buff duration has been reduced, so countering it by denying the damage is a more effective option against it.
  • Bloodlust (Mercenary Jacket):
    • Now only heals on Direct Damage (DoTs don't trigger healing anymore)
    • Max amount of heals: 15 → 9
    • Heal per Hit: 26 → 42
    • Buff Duration: 8s → 6s
Howl has been overhauled to feel more up-to-date, with no standtime and a better application of its debuff. Additionally, it can now be used as a ranged interrupt, so it can also be used on leather helmets as an additional utility spell to swap to. A small cast time has been added to Flash of Insight to allow better counter play against builds that use double Mercenary Jacket. This also adds another layer of decision-making about when best to use this ability, rather than it simply being used every time after an armor ability. To prevent interrupts from being completely devastating, cooldown when a cast is interrupted is halved.
  • Howl (all Leather Helmets)
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0s
    • Now also interrupts enemy spell casting
    • Range: 10m → 12m
    • Attack Speed Reduction: 15% → 40%
    • Attack Speed Reduction Duration: 8s → 5s
    • Slow Strength: 30% → 35%
    • Slow Duration: 8s → 5s
  • Flash of Insight (Specter Hood)
    • Added a 0.5s cast time
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0s
    • Interrupting the cast will cause the ability to go on a 30s cooldown.
Royal March has continued to dominate the shoe-meta in Corrupted Dungeons. The general playstyle of this item was well-suited to these as it is better at chasing than escaping. However, it is not desirable for this to completely outshine every other shoe in this content and so limit build varieties. Therefore its strong chase potential has been maintained while its additional defense buff has been removed, meaning the item is specialized only through its strong chase ability and offers no extra value in combat itself.
  • Royal Boots:
    • Removed the Bonus Defense buff
Mount Changes
To encourage players to explore the open world and actively fight roaming mobs, dismounting rules have been changed. If a player dismounts and there is no enemy player within a 40m range, the player can instantly use their three weapon abilities (Q, W, and E). However, the other ability slots (head, armor, shoe, potion and food) will retain a 5s cooldown after dismounting.
  • Q, W, and E ability slots now have a 0s cooldown when no enemy player is within a 40m range
  • Unable to auto attack players after dismount: 3s → 5s
  • Mounting Up on a mount with abilities (example FW Elite Mounts) no longer places mount ability slots on a 10s cooldown
  • Destiny Board: Complete information on gathering speed, gathering yield, and item power bonuses now appears for gathering gear as intended
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to heal other players without going into combat mode
  • Spell and Mob fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Silence icon / debuff of Sacred Ground (all Maces) was displayed too long on mobs
    • Fixed an issue where Spiritual Seed (Druidic Staff) displayed an incorrect cooldown
    • Avalonian Knight Captain is now immune to forced movement effects as intended
    • Fixed a bug where the Avalonian Archmage would sometimes have overlapping aggro phases after being engaged a second time
    • Avalonian High Priestess: fixed an issue where summoned mobs would die after pursuing targets rather than retargeting
    • Cartwheel (Quarterstaffs) no longer ignores CC Resistance on Mobs
  • Setting "Home" in a Hideout and fast traveling via Travel Planner to a city, then using the Realmgate there, now leaves Home binding intact as intended
  • Fixed an issue where character names were not clickable in the chat context menu
  • Fixed an issue where the player stats UI would break after deleting text in the "personal message" field
  • Hideouts: guild logos now appear on elevator platform, and Expedition Master appears on minimap, as intended
  • Fixed an issue were the first gathering level for all tiers awarded the gathering yield buff twice instead of awarding the gathering speed buff
  • Numerous additional graphical, terrain, audio, animation, and localization fixes

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 2 years ago (Source)

Volite wrote:

From what I've tested, the opening rules seem to be reversed, is this a bug, please?
  • Dungeon Maps (Solo, Group, and Elite) :
    • Maps opened in Outlands:
      • T5 maps: T5-8 zones
      • T6 maps: T6-8 zones
      • T7 maps: T5-8 zones The main conflict is here
      • T8 maps: T6-8 zones The main conflict is here

This was a misunderstanding. We since fixed the patch notes.

What it should have said is just as you mentioned the reversed logic.
For example tier 8 Randomized Dungeons created by maps can appear in tier 5, 6, 7 and 8 zones.
On the other hand tier 5 maps can only open dungeons in tier 5 zones.

Thanks for bringing this up.
Best regards,

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