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Posted by Shakul57 1 year ago

Hello Albionians,

This post will be about all the details concerning Elite Levels and all the changes we did to support this feature.

Elite Levels are 20 additional combat masteries that are more focused on prestige than actual power, giving players who have achieved Elite status some Vanity rewards.

They’ll require a lot of dedication to unlock and are also a new opportunity to use all your Fame Credits that you’ve been hoarding for a while.

Gaining Elite Levels

Elite Levels are unlocked for Combat Specializations as soon as you’ve unlocked all your Mastery Levels in that Specialization. Unlike Mastery Levels these aren’t gained passively by gaining Fame but must be unlocked with Fame Credits and a little bit of silver.

To gain Elite Levels you have to open the Specialization Menu on the Destiny Board.

If you have the Elite Levels unlocked for that Specialization, a second progress bar will appear, showing you how far you’ve progressed through the Elite Ranks.

Below that, the button to unlock the next Elite level will be displayed along with the Fame Credit and Silver cost.

Elite Medals

Because Prestige is of little use to you if nobody except you can see it, we introduced Elite Medals, which will be displayed on the upper right corner of your equipped items indicating exactly how many Elite Levels you’ve already unlocked.

There is a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Crystal Medal, each with a segmented ring, with each Segment representing 1 Elite level:
  • Elite level 1: Bronze
  • Elite level 5: Silver
  • Elite level 10: Gold
  • Elite level 15: Crystal
  • Elite level 20: Crystal with full ring

These Medals are visible for you in your Inventory and Loadout Creation Window and to everyone else when inspecting you, challenging you to a duel, or if you ask to join their party.

There are also four Mastery Medals which range from Iron to Gold which you can unlock by gaining normal Mastery Levels.

These will be gained at:
  • Level 25 : Iron
  • Level 50 : Bronze
  • Level 75 : Silver
  • Level 100 : Gold

Destiny Board Borders

Of course, your dedication and prestige will also be reflected on the Destiny Board with new awesome Frames for your Combat Specialisations.

Satchel of Insight Buff

With the increased amount of Fame needed to complete the Destiny Board, we wanted to alleviate the Fame grind for all players in the form of a buff to Satchels of Insight.

  • T4 Bonus fame: 20.046% → 40.002% | Silver per Fame: 1.3 → 1.25
  • T5 Bonus fame: 24.147% → 44.467% | Silver per Fame: 1.29 → 1.23
  • T6 Bonus fame: 28.786% → 49.531% | Silver per Fame: 1.28 → 1.21
  • T7 Bonus fame: 34.052% → 55.295% | Silver per Fame: 1.27 → 1.19
  • T8 Bonus fame: 40.051% → 61.882% | Silver per Fame: 1.26 → 1.17
  • T8.3 Bonus fame: 63.887 → 88.246% | Silver per Fame: 1.24 → 1.13
  • T8.3 Masterpiece Bonus fame: 74.417% → 100% | Silver per Fame: 1.23 → 1.12

Staging Reward

We would love to hear your opinion on the new Elite Levels, how visible they are while interacting with other players, and how impactful the higher Item Power is.

As an incentive, everyone gaining any 5 Elite Levels in any Combat Specialization on the staging server has a chance to win gold.

We look forward to hearing what everyone thinks in the thread below! Feedback is entirely optional, and you do not need to supply feedback in order to be eligible for a chance to receive the gold.

Posted by Korn 1 year ago (Source)

Lockemup wrote:

did the idea of reducing the amount of fame needed to level 0-80 spec get scrapped?
This will be done by buffing achievable PvE fame levels with the next update through overall balancing. (for example, the mob fame given from the new open world mobs is much higher than what is currently possible)

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