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Posted by fuckinhellman 2 years ago

On the official patch notes announcement there was no mention of undead cape being nerfed/changed. However, Currently undead cape doesn't work the way it used to work before the latest patch. For example: Now if undead cape pops and you change zone straight away, the invis breaks. But before the latest patch it wasn't the case.
I'd like to know if it was intended or somehow been changed to this way without the team's knowledge, and whether it will be reverted back to its old state?.
Thank you


Posted by Retroman 2 years ago (Source)

Hey, this was an intended change It was also suppossed to appear on the changelog. But you are right, it was apperently not listed.

The reason for this change was to bring the invisibility of these capes more in line with the Invisibility Potion. This is a reaction of eports from players we got, who reported that players use the Undead Cape in ccordinated group ambushes, which allow for little counter play.

Since you seem really invested in this change: Could you elaborate a bit in what situations you used this and why you seem to be so unhappy about this change ?


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