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Posted by Trial_hard 2 years ago

In the good times I saw in of time 1500 viewers in twitch and 3 k on prime..

Now I see sometimes just 180-200 in the morning and 900-1200 prime time..

In top more than 50% of the viewer view HG & CD..

Why is that? Is there a twitch alternative and I have missed where all the streamers stream now??

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Quagga wrote:

Reef wrote:

Developing biomes is like fckin joke. Who cares about this shit when there is 0 people in pvp zones or you need gank setup to catch someone...
I care and so do a lot of other people I know.
not everyone is a slave to the CD :)
The biome changes are just one small part of the next update, additional dev talks will follow soon :)

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