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Posted by Nesnes 9 months ago

Hi everyone!

As you already know, with Season 14 you will be able to declare your Hideouts as Headquarters for the first time!

However, some questions have come up in the community regarding this feature that we would like to answer in this post.

There will be no Hideout Headquarters inside the Roads of Avalon in Season 14 and you will not be able to take power cores into roads.

This is due to the following:

  • Transporting power cores through the roads would defeat the original purpose that these cores had, which is to make sure that one cannot sustain more than a certain amount of HQ's around a specific area.
  • It was considered to have power cores spawn in the roads separately, but we believe that the road hideouts deserve more than a band-aid solution.
Therefore we decided to delay the release of HQs in the roads and will introduce them properly together with other changes in a bigger overhaul of the roads at a later date.

We are very much looking forward to the next couple of seasons to see what you will make of all the changes!



To see the requirements for HQ Hideouts in each zone check out the post regarding Earning an HQ Hideout in the Energy Surge Season.
More info can be found at the following links:
- Zone Quality Levels, which increase from the outside to the middle of the Outlands can be viewed here: Territory Season Point Values, Boss Multipliers, and Energy/Point Storage
- Dev Talk: War Gloves and HQ Hideouts (Game Director Robin Henkys introduces these two major new features):
- Energy Surge Announcement (includes HQ Hideout and other reward details):
- Energy Surge Season Schedule:

Posted by Korn 9 months ago (Source)

Deathskills wrote:

GokuBlackBR wrote:

I mean It was really obvius so they should have started working on a different thing for the Roads of Avalon since they started the idea of the HQ.Roads of Avalon is a crazy place and of course this place needs a greater idea for HQ even if i feel like the Hideouts in the roads of avalon dont need to be HQ, if you rent there and ask for naps you can easily maintain a Hideout. And i know there is a lot of Hideouts zones, more than you imagine.
And destroying a Hideout there is a hard job so they need the HQ system? Even if it looks cool its not balanced.
they literally need to rework the HO system in roads since some guilds in the Roads said it themselves that once they control a map it's almost impossible to attack or is too time consuming denying content to the attacker for up to 5 days in a row since they are force to log off in the road they are attacking to not have to try to fight for portal charges (so basically for 20-30 minutes of knocking shields of ho for 5 days of not being able to play outside of that is pretty dumb imo).
And devs acknowledge the issue, now they need to find the proper idea to fix it and implement it so it can't be abused in a worse manner before adding HQs there. Doesn't HQ's can't be a valid idea still for the roads since it could promote more small scale fights than just big zerg attempts inside the roads.
Hey there,

we are currently looking into hideouts in the roads as we agree that the current meta of entirely blocking a zone for added safety is not ideal.

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