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Posted by Nesnes 2 years ago

Hello everyone,

With the upcoming Energy Surge season beginning September 25, guilds will have the opportunity to earn HQ Hideout status for one of their Hideouts beginning with Season 14. Based on community feedback on this feature, we have updated the requirements for earning an HQ Hideout during the Energy Surge season. Please note that these numbers are balanced for the Energy Surge season, and the various Season Point and zone type requirements will likely change in future seasons.

Season Point ThresholdMax Zone Quality LevelMax Zone Tier

Additionally, only the top 600 guilds of the season can qualify for an HQ Hideout.

More info can be found at the following links:
- Zone Quality Levels, which increase from the outside to the middle of the Outlands, are not explicitly stated ingame, but can be viewed here: Territory Season Point Values, Boss Multipliers, and Energy/Point Storage
- Dev Talk: War Gloves and HQ Hideouts (Game Director Robin Henkys introduces these two major new features):
- Energy Surge Announcement (includes HQ Hideout and other reward details):
- Energy Surge Season Schedule:

Posted by Eltharyon 2 years ago (Source)

FriendlyFoe wrote:

Again they screwed small guilds, all content is for the big guilds, small guilds and solo players please quit the game right now because SBI don't care 85% of its players, meaning small guilds and solo players. They only make content for big guilds. Big alliances. Does not matter that big guilds already have their maps and territorys, almost all the content in the game is for them. Now they make HQ hideouts also for the big guilds. If you there in SBI want to make HQ hideouts like they suppose to be, to help out little, very little and very small guilds then exclude all guilds who have more than 50 members. All guilds who have alliance, lower points these point values 5 times and then maybe small guilds also have chance, otherwise you are again spitting to the face of majority of your player base. We have small guild because, we play with real life close friends, 5 active pIayers, mostly 2-3 ppl online at evenings. We have never ever got mote than 4000 points together at seasons. This 10k is way way too much. make it max 2500 so we dont have to play Albion like it was our second job. So we can enjoy it and have FUN, imagine FUN ....SBI,not another job. I have played this game since second alpha and this management and development team only think with their...., not with their minds. What the hell, what the hell you thinking with there? Most of the players who play solo or small or very small groups have dreamed to go to the blackzone for years and you still lick the big guilds asses. I am so so angry because all you do there is make this game for the big guild content, mass battles, events for the big ones. Is it so hard to see that solo players, small and very small guilds are screaming for years now to even have the chance to go to the black zones and having hideouts where they can safely be without big harrassing smalls all the time.

While I understand the desire to be able to have a Hideout even at your guild size, to understand our reasoning it helps to imagine the implications this would have for the game world.

With Albion's current active user numbers, providing guilds with 5 active players with a Hideout HQ would mean there would be between 10,000 to 20,000 Hideouts in the world. At the current size of the Blackzone, that would mean 33 to 66 Hideouts per zone. You'd have to increase world size by a factor of 10 or more to accomodate all those Hideouts - which would stretch players way too thin to ever meet.

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