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Posted by death13 2 years ago

When I read the future 120, I suddenly had no fun with the game. PVP is officially recommended, but pves are forced to grind farms。Suggest that the official add interesting weapons instead of raising his level,

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Metteia wrote:

Yay!!! More gap between rich and poor, old and new. What a marvelous decision! Am i gonna be rekt by dude in t3 with 1300 ip now? xD

When the higher combat specs get rolled out, we will combine this with a series of strong fame buffs, meaning that going from 0-100 will be significantly easier than it is right now.

In addition to that, getting from 100 to 120 will be very hard. The result of that is that somebody starting at 0 will gain spec quickly, while somebody who is at 100 now will have to work very hard to go further. This mean that the average item power gap between players will almost certainly go down. (i.e. if you have two players, A and B, and A is at 80 spec and B at 100 - a difference of 20 - after the update, this is going to shrink - quite a lot.

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