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Call to Arms Patch 8

New Statue in Conquerors' Hall

  • Congratulations to SUN, winners of Guild Season 12! Check out their brand-new statue at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall in the Royal Cities. The statue also includes guild logos of the second and third place winners, MudHouse and MAHARLIKA. Check out the new statue, visit the hall, and pay your respects to all the past winners!
  • Additionally, Season 12 statue items can now be placed as furniture.
Mobile Improvements and Fixes
  • Added on-press tooltips for Hideouts to the zone map
  • The option to open zoom camera with double-tap is now off by default
Marketplace Mail Changes
  • Notifications are now only sent when a Buy or Sell Order is completely fulfilled or expires
  • These mails contain a summary of all relevant transactions, and notifications are no longer sent for every single transaction
Combat Balance Changes
The requirement of maintaining Adrenaline Boost with autoattacks made it too difficult to use this ability to chase enemies. In order give Axes a better chance at staying on enemies (without allowing Adrenaline Boost for free disengages), this ability will now stay active with any direct ability damage (e.g. Rending Spin, Whirlwind).
  • Adrenaline Boost (all Axes):
    • Ability damage (i.e. a successful hit with Whirlwind) has been added as a condition to keep the buff active
One-handed Maces are intended to be the damage-oriented "bruiser" of their weapon tree. But their current combination of damage, CC and mobility makes them too strong of an all-rounder in many fields. Hence the stun duration is shortened. Additionally, there is a bugfix for the invulnerability duration to better match the time in the air.
  • Deep Leap (One-handed Mace):
    • Stun Duration: 2.2s → 1.8s
Faction Warfare Changes
  • The Roads of Avalon can no longer be entered while actively flagged for a City Faction
  • Faction Outposts can no longer be claimed by mounted players
  • Improved message feedback during Faction Outpost capture
Other Changes
  • PvE Rewards in Lethal Hellgates increased:
    • 2v2: +10%
    • 5v5: +20%
    • 10v10: +30%
  • Elite Dungeons: Avalonian Mages are no longer visible on the minimap
  • Fixed an issue where the Corrupted Dungeon tutorial popup would appear each time a new dungeon was entered
  • Fixed an issue where numerous items were displayed on the Destiny Board as unlockable for crafting despite not having crafting requirements:
    • Elder's Command Mammoth
    • Flame Basilisk
    • Venom Basilisk
    • Spectral Bonehorse
    • Rageclaw
    • Morgana Nightmare
    • Avalonian Basilisk
    • Warhorse (all tiers)
    • Pest Lizard
    • Snow Husky
    • Frost Ram
    • Saddled Terrorbird
    • All Royal Armors, Helmets and Shoes
  • Fixed a non-functional store button in the Gold Market UI
  • Fixed an issue where the Average IP displayed incorrectly in the Party Finder
  • Fixed an issue where Lunging Strike (all Spears) could hit the same enemy twice if the enemy was in the ability's hitbox, left it, and re-entered (the hit is now only applied once per target)
  • Fixed an issue where the December 2021 Adventurer's Challenge was incorrectly displayed as a past challenge
  • Additional graphical, audio, UI, and localization fixes

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decand wrote:

PrintsKaspian wrote:

  • PvE Rewards in Lethal Hellgates increased:
    • 2v2: +10%
    • 5v5: +20%
    • 10v10: +30%

for clarity, is this referring to empty gate chests, mob fame, or both?
This is loot only.
Most chests had their loot increased as mentioned.
Since the loot in the Chest you get after a PvP fight consists of a PvE reward and a PvP reward its increase was slightly lower since only the PvE part got increased.

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