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Posted by GodfreLord 2 years ago

Greetings, tonight I want to tell all of you, something not like a 1 person, but as a whole community of Black Order. All of you know us, with someone we have a good relationship with, with someone worse. BUT no one heard about our relationship with SBI. First act of discriminition was when no one from BO cant be involved in Round Table, we are persona non grata for them, but for 7 seasons in a row, we had crystal rank and only 1 guild in AO history has 7 crystals ranks in a row, because BO was formed at season 7. The second thing was when their official caster from AO TV(Lewpac) wished death to our GM and everyone from our guild and all russians at all, but sure it's only ingame cheat chat. But to be honest we can eat this shit, BUT the last thing which makes us drop the game is, and which SBI did in the next ingame patch - THEY WANT REMOVE FROM GAME OUR EXCLUSIVE GUILD LOGO. Ok, they want to follow ToS rules, ok, no problem. BUT we had that logo 4 years, it was BEFORE RELEASE DAY. But still ok, we are following all EULA rules and ToS rules. And the main ridiculous point - they create OUR logo themselves without any question or discussion with us. You know what our next exclusive guild Logo? Bear. “REAL RUSSIAN BEAR”, as they told us ,but the problem is that bears for Russians in our time are the symbol of Putin's POLITICAL PARTY.
And it's hardly against TOS.
Our logo is important for every player in the BO community.
They didn't give us any chance to choose OUR logo as it was previously, they just informed us and all. We are tired of all acts of discriminiton in relation to our guild.
We are not asking you to support us ingame, we dont ask you to join BO.
We ask all of you to support us, to defend our rights ingame, because we can’t do it in RL in the current Russian political environment.

Posted by Talion 2 years ago (Source)

Hi All,

First of all: thank you for making your voice heard.

We have re-discussed the topic again internally and have decided that the old logos can remain.


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