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It has happened! Albion Online has released in Apple's AppStore and on the Google Play Store. You can now easily install the app via the native storefronts and take Albion Online with you whereever you go. We have compiled answers to some of the questions you might have regarding the launch. Please see below. :)

Which mobile devices can I play on?
At least 3 GB of memory is required (as always, more is better, so 4 GB are recommended) to run the mobile client. We cannot give definite lists of devices, due to the diversity of Hard- and Software used, however we have tried to exclude devices which are not able to run the game, as far as the respective platform allows.

Is there any difference between the mobile version and the PC version of the game?
Albion Online is a cross-platform game and therefore the core experience on both versions is completely the same, apart from obvious differences in the control scheme and user interface.

Will my game progress and in-game purchases be saved?
All players, whether mobile or desktop, are playing the game on the same server. If you are an existing player, you can use the same account as before. There will be no resets and your game progress and in-game purchases will be saved.

The Crossplay rewards - how do I get them?
Simple. You play the game, on the same game account, on a mobile client (Android or iOS), and a desktop client after the game is out on mobile. Once these requirements are fulfilled, the Chimera Skin is directly unlocked on account login, and the Fame Tome can be claimed via the "Claim Rewards" UI ingame.

Can I play with an a game account that was created via Steam on Mobile?
Sure can! Just use your game account login credentials in the mobile client and continue right where you left off.

I have found a bug! What do I do?
You can leave a bug report in the game. For that, you click on the menu button in the upper right corner and use "Send Feedback".
If you have more complex reports that require pictures or videos, please make a forum post in our bug section of the forum. Thank you for helping us make Albion Online a better game!

Where can I leave suggestions for the mobile version?
There's two ways to send feedback.
1) You click on the menu button in the upper right corner and use "Send Feedback"
2) For more extensive feedback, you head to the Mobile Version Feedback Forum. This way, please!

Why are the prices for products higher in the mobile stores?
Prices are higher in the mobile stores due to higher payment fees and currency conversions.
To get the best price possible, you can always buy in the native desktop client or directly via our webshop.
To use the webshop, go to the Albion website in your browser, log-in and click "Shop" on the top right corner. Buying directly through our website works on all devices and for all account types.

Do I need Premium to qualify for the crossplay rewards?

I just looked something up on my phone while playing and got disconnected. Why?
Albion Online disconnects you if you change the app or move it to the background.

The game looks weird. Should it look like that?
On mobile, the graphic settings are lowest by default. You can change that in the in-game graphic settings. NOTE: if it turns out your device can't handle the higher graphic settings and it starts lagging/crashing, make sure to turn them back down. :)

I have a problem with the game. Where can I get help?
You can contact our customer support via [email protected] - make sure that you send the e-mail that you signed your game account up with. That is not necessarily the same as your PlayStore Mail or Apple ID.

Is there support for physical controllers?
Not at the moment. We do however have a pretty nifty virtual joystick control scheme.

Why does it say the Server is offline?
Always check your WiFi or mobile data connection. Also, we are doing daily maintenance from 10:00 UTC to 11:00 UTC. This is to run backups, do maintenance and all those boring things that need doing.

Do referrals work with mobile signups?
As long as the person you want to refer clicks on your referral link and confirms their account registration on the same device, it will work.

What if I played on Testflight before? Is that version compatible?
You'll have to install the full version from the App Store.

How can I stay up-to-date on the game?
In addition to checking our website and forum for regular news and updates, you can also follow Albion Online on these channels:

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