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Posted by Bigboyz 2 years ago

Something needs to be done about this crappy mechanic. Last night, a group of M E N A C E players continuously knocked me off my mammoth and into the neighboring red zone. They keep a blue healer with them so that they can push you to the door from anywhere on the yellow map without downing you. In the settings, I checked many times during this more-than-hour-long ordeal that yes, the check box for “warn before entering PvP zone” was checked. In the end they didn’t get anything... I knew better than to let them get me back to the door before my bubble timer was up or with a long mount timer, but it took well over an hour of this rodeo until my guys came to push them off of me. There is no point to allowing this mechanic and it needs to be changed. When you enter the yellow zone, you take a calculated risk that some trashers could indeed want to fight you. But you only get knocked down. At that time you did not accept the risk of the red zone. There should not be a mechanic that lets other players force this choice. If someone wanted to knock you down over and over and over then so be it I suppose. Walk way from the computer and come back when they’re tired of being a douche. But you can’t if people can force push you into a red zone.

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

we'll be making changes to address this issue in an upcoming patch.

As a immediate counter, if people start bumping you, you can go to Game settings -> Notifications and turn off "Entering a PvP Red zone". Once you have turned that off, you can no longer be bumped into the red zone.

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