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Posted by Battis 2 years ago

Today I logged in because I wanted to buy elite mount cub and what surprised me was that I didn't have enough rank???. For the past three weeks i was grinding faction points to get elite mounts, I didn't spend all of the points at once because why should i ?

It turns out it was a mistake because I should have, the devs introduced yet another stupid mechanic without informing the players. I lost about ~200-300k standing points without any notice.

I want recompensation for not letting us know about this mechanic and losing profit.
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    Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

    Hey there,

    the loss of faction points is due to upkeep for the higher ranks, intended to keep the higher ranks special. Having said that, based on feedback received, we will be making changes to this system which you can read about here: Prestige Standing Upkeep Changes

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