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Posted by MisterMaci 2 years ago

I am supporter of this game and here is mine opinion about losing 10% of all your progress you ever make in faction
1. you implement future in live game and never notice us about any change or note about this.
2. you nerv me from 30% to 25 % and make equally guys with 1m rank points and 2m -not cool but i say ok lets give them chanse
3. you deleted mine 300k points of faction rank while i work mine as s off all week to be nb 1 in faction in albion and this make me really sad because i was supporting your new faction idea (and i still say its very good )while all mine friend doing other thinks and not doing even daily,was it better i gather fiber or hell gates or fishing or anything else sept faction?
4. is this game, all need to play bow and healers like me are lower class who will just heal and make other ppl happy?(nerf hallowfall bec is to op -finally something good and you nerv it just to make us healers sad,healers are 10 % of this game and yet most important roll for win. and no1 wona to play it ,is this balance?)
5. you delete mine rank points and with that you delete mine time in albion -still cant find any reason
6. you hurt ppl who are most active and supporting this game ,than ppl who just log 1 time in weekends?

7. Are you trying to make us all equal like in komunizam no matter how hard you try and work? :thumbdown:

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Hey there and thanks for your feedback.

Please see our statement to the upcoming changes to the system here: Prestige Standing Upkeep Changes

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