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Posted by Blackthron 2 years ago

Returned to Albion 5 days ago. Played from laptop, played from phone.. got banned after today's maintenance/patch.

Submitted appeal on Anti-Cheat website... anyone knows how long for a reply?

P.S. Never ever used any cheats.

Posted by Talion 2 years ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

We are regularly in contact with Easy Anti Cheat (‘EAC’) regarding new malicious tools, meaning bots, hacks and the likes, so they can analyze them and fit them into their detection software.

We have submitted a bunch of malicious tools to EAC for investigation, and they added them to their detection on the 19th in the morning. Whenever a new tool is added to their detection, there is going to be a spike in bans through EAC, that then usually taper off really quick because word spreads that this malicious tool is no longer “safe to use”. EAC bans on the second day after detection was implemented were down significantly, and it continued to dwindle. In the past week, a total of 213 accounts have been banned by EAC this way.

As previously mentioned, when EAC thinks that there is potentially malicious software, like Auto Hotkey/macroing software, it will simply disconnect you, without placing a ban on your account.

Please go through all your programs running in the background and try to close and/or uninstall any of them that could be taken as cheating software and triggering the issue. You can also contact EAC to figure out what software is causing this to happen and you can find more information in our Easy Anti-Cheat Troubleshooting Guide.


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