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Posted by Equart 2 years ago

Retroman Sorry for being rude, everyone is mad.
But get your sh*t together and rework Q and W(stun run) and Quarters, not E spells. Make a hotfix.

On top of that rework Windwall.

Posted by Retroman 2 years ago (Source)

reworking Q and W for Quarterstaff would heavily impact the playstyle of Quarter Staffs in other types of content. The current combat balance changes on Quarter Staffs are meant to tone down a bit in it's ability to easily reset the fight.

However, I guess what many of you are asking for is to remove inifite resets inside of Corrupted Dungeons,... regadless of the items used. We are already discussing internally possible changes of Corrupted Dungeon mechancis in general. For instance by possibly limiting the amount of health that can regenerated during an invasion. i,e 200% of max hitpoints can be regenerated per invasion in total and once this is used up you don't get anymore out of combat regeneration at all.

In general if we want to remove these reset strategies by only tweaking weapons and armors, we would have to change way too much on how the combat plays out in all other content of the game.


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